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Buddy groups

We have had a lot of fun on treat Friday this afternoon. We have been working in our buddy groups on lots of different activities. The children have all worked really hard and behaved impeccably!                             

Redwood’s Enterprise Fair

The children in Redwood class have been organising their own enterprise fair all week. They have planned, ordered, made and sold a range of products including, cakes, milkshakes, jewellery, paintings, pizzas and much more. We held the fair on Thursday after school and it was a great success! We raised £400, which has already gone towards […]

Redwood RE

In Redwood, we have been learning about the different stories of creation according to different religions. We have read and compared four different stories and produced summaries of these in various ways.

Redwood Science

In Redwood, we have been looking at light. We know that filters only allow certain colours of light through. We have written secret messages and used filters to read them clearly.

Buddy Groups

On Wednesday afternoon the children did some Easter activities in the afternoon in their buddy groups. We all had an Easter egg hunt and then designed our own Easter eggs in our groups. The children worked really hard and had a lot of fun!                      

RE through art.

In Redwood class we have been learning about Buddhism and why the Lotus flower is important and what it symbolises. We have designed and painted our own versions of the Lotus flower and written about why we chose that particular colour.

Year 6 Refreshment stall.

The year 6 children have been selling refreshments during parents evening to raise money for an end of SATs day out. They have worked out their own pricing in order to make some profit and are really looking forward to a great day out in June.

Redwood Viking/Anglo-Saxon day in Forest School

Redwood had a great time in forest school completing various activities. We made a full sized longship outline using branches, honey glazed root vegetables (using a Viking recipe), an Anglo-Saxon house, bows and arrows and found artefacts.

Redwood Viking D&T

We are in the process of designing and making various Viking inspired objects including Longboats, shields, pouches and swords. All the children have created a booklet with their design brief and plan of how they will produce their chosen design. Finished piece photos to follow soon, watch this space!