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Our school-made telephones by 4 Willow.

In our Science, for our sound test, we were tasked with making our own string telephones and holding a conversation with our partners. We made predictions for each change to the string, whether it was pinching the string or joining a new line, ‘a party line’. We also tried different lengths of string to see […]

Christmas party 2019

Our Christmas party today began with a bang…….. the Police arrived to see what all the noise was about, then joined in with the fun.

Our Christmas Fire.

Despite the weather doing its best to work against us, we managed to go to the forest for our hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows. We sang a couple of Christmas songs, before returning to the warmth of our classroom.

Ukulele concert.

Thank you to all the parents who came to hear our ukulele concert today. A big thank you to Mrs Osmonde,,our ukulele teacher, over the past term for helping us.

5 Oak and 4 Willow swimming.

Here are a few photos of our children in the swimming pool at Astley Cooper school today. One young lady in 4 Willow has worked very hard and although she couldn’t swim last week, has swum today without a float. Well done to everyone

No word of a lie by 4 Willow

In our English, we have been looking at poetry, particularly No Word Of A Lie by Jackie Kay. We have written, using hyperboles, our own poems.

Greek food.

This afternoon in 4 Willow and 3 Laurel, we have been tasting some Greek food. We have tried pitta bread dipped in olive oil, black and green olives houmous, feta cheese and Greek made Turkish Delight.This links to our Greek Topic. Most plates were empty by the end of the tasting!,

Science leader visit.

Mr Channa, the schools Science leader, came in to look at all the wonderful ‘instruments’ made by 4 Willow.

4 Willows homework – Thank you

4 Willows homework was to make a musical instrument, that you beat, shook or plucked. Thank you to all parents and helpers for all our lovely instruments. We look forward to hearing their ‘sounds’.

Sound of Science in 4 Willow

We have started a new topic in our Science called Sound. We have, so far, walked around the school ,inside and out, listening to sounds made in the classroom like talking, laughing and cars and birds singing outside. We have also tested the beat on a drum, using rice, to show how beating it lightly, […]