6 Redwood Category

Fraction Skills

Redwood Class Year 6 have been using their multiplying fraction skills to solve jigsaw puzzles. When we had moved through the different level of challenges, we had a go at creating our own puzzles for partner to solve. Who knew we were such talented jigsaw makers as well as mathematicians!

British Science Week

To mark British Science week (5-14 March) Redwood Class have been conducting fun and interesting investigations. This week we learnt how to grow our own rainbows to investigate the scientific process of capillary action.

Redwood Class UFO Sightings!

Year 6 wrote some truly out of this world newspaper reports based on UFO landings around Aycliffe Drive School.

Observing the effects of volts

We investigated what different volts would power in electrical circuits we created. We predicted before recording our findings.

5 and 6 Oak Viking afternoon

Yesterday Oak had a fantastic afternoon being vikings. They all took part in activities such as weaving, building a long boat and cooking. At the end of the afternoon they sat around the fire pit and tasted some Viking food cooked by the children. This was carrots and leaks mixed with honey and butter stuffed […]

Redwood’s Viking Afternoon in Forest School

We had a brilliant time learning new and applying existing knowledge about the Vikings in Forest School this week. We made wattle, long boats, food cooked on an open fire and Viking weapons like bows and arrows.

Redwood’s Science Investigation

We planned, conducted and took repeated observations during our investigation into what conditions mould as a type of fungi grows best on food like bread.

Harry Potter World Trip

Redwood Class Year 6 had a fabulous day out in connection to their English Unit on fantasy fiction which focussed on the work of J.K. Rowling and her fabulous Harry Potter series. We all experienced a ride on a broomstick, window shopped in diagonal alley, feasted our eyes in the Hogwarts hall and did a […]