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Leek and potato soup with Greek bread.

Today, in 4 Willow, we have made (and eaten) Leek and potato soup. The vegetables used were grown in gardening club in school, which the children, after washing and peeling of the potatoes, chopped and sliced. They were then put into a large saucepan with water. This was bought to the boil with vegetable stock […]

Yellow Tree Wellbeing by 4 Willow

For our Wellbeing day, the children wrote down a worry , which we discussed in class and with partners about how we could help to deal with it.

Up date 4 Willow science

The children in 4 Willow have emptied their ‘colon’ today, the final part of their experiment.

Our next science experiment by 4 Willow.

Further to our healthy teeth and eating , we have moved on to the digestive system. To show how our intestines and colon work, we crushed up cream crackers in orange juice and water. We then put this ‘mixture’ in a pair of tights representing our colon. We will see what happens……..  

Take one picture by 4 Willow

The pupils in 4 Willow studied the painting A Sunday Afternoon On The Island La Grande Jette By George’s Seurat. They used the pointillism technique to re-create the parasols within the painting.

Science up-date 4 Willow.

Further to our scientific investigation earlier this month, we have today checked our eggs. We have noted that the egg in the vinegar doubled in size with all its shell disintegrating and had a spongy feel to it.The blackcurrant juice dyed the shell and went mouldy, the milk separated and smelt awful!The orange juice covered […]

Healthy teeth and eating.

In 4 Willow, our science topic is healthy teeth and eating. We have set up an experiment today with six liquids to see which one is bad for our teeth. The liquids we used are milk, water, fresh orange juice, blackcurrant juice, vinegar and coke. Six same size eggs were put in each container to […]