School Council


At Aycliffe Drive we wish for our pupils to be able to make a contribution to the school as a whole and have a forum to air their thoughts and suggestions.  To this effect we have set up the school council.  This group consists of two elected students from each class, one girl and one boy and  led by Miss Day.  There is a link Governor attached to the school council who also attends the meetings.  The children meet once a month  and are encouraged to put forward suggestions and ideas from their perspective.  Minutes are taken and Mrs Major then takes any necessary action.  The student representatives then feed any outcomes back to pupils.

Some of the changes the school council has been able to make have been on recycling in school, ideas for charity events and feeding back to the children.

The Councilors

Mrs Major

Birch – Hibbah & Kamran

Sycamore – Maaya & Logan

Chestnut – Charlotte & Andrew

Laurel – Erin & Todd

Willow – Charlotte & Adam

Hawthorn – Esha & Yash

Maple – Jenica & Arthur

Oak  – Amy & Harry

Redwood  – Aria & Idrees