Pupils in School Council and Year 6 have been discussing their understanding of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development at Aycliffe Drive Primary School.

Please read their ideas shared below.

Spiritual Development is:

Learning about different beliefs and God

Exploring your beliefs in RE

Using your imagination and creativity mostly in every lesson. We use our creativity during extended writing in literacy and in art and PE when we move and exercise

When Andrew Masters comes in and teaches us the bible. He also gives us the bible

Learning about the outside world and nature by visiting Forest School and the pond. We also use our feelings and imagination through Forest School

Feelings and values are everywhere

Knowing what is against or with your religion

Respecting faith everywhere

Moral Development is:

The older children setting examples for the younger children

Learning from stories when Mr Masters comes in

Getting housepoints if we do something nice and Star of the Week for being good the whole week

Helping someone when they are hurt

Learninf from our punishments

Learning about right and wrong in assemblies, at home and in school in PSHE and RE lessons

Teachers influencing us to make the right decision

Parent and teachers and everyone around us teaching us the law.

Knowing the right decisions to make by understanding consequences that we are taught by school and our parents

Recognising the right and wrong in school at lunch and break

People being helpful and always honest

Learning national laws, school rules and the 10 commandments in PSHE

Copying adults that are right, not wrong

Knowing that wrong leads to bad consequences

Social Development is:

Volunteering to be helpful and kind

Cooperating all the time especially in teamwork

Learning in school to listen to and respect other people’s opinions

Making choices in lessons (for example in maths we can choose if we want to move on to something else and in art we can choose what picture we can do).

Making everyday choices around the school (like at lunch)

Having people to come in to talk about drugs and right and wrong things

Resolving conflict by talking not fighting

Learning responsibility through our monitor jobs

Learning about relationships with family and friends in PSHE and 1 to 1 interventions

Boosting your confidence by going to clubs

Talking to teachers, parents and childline to ask about safety

Planning a fund raiser for people in need

Helping others at Harvest

Gardening club

Cultural Development is:

Celebrating diversity as we learn about Easter, Harvest, Christmas and Divali

Letting people fast according to their religion

Different people celebrating different traditions

Respecting everyone in a kind and helpful way

Listening to different cultural music

Learning about the cultures of people from around the world in RE

Celebrating Christmas with plays and Christmas dinner.

Accepting different actions

Choosing your own opinions and listening to others

Celebrating the Queen’s birthday on the Jubilee