At Aycliffe Drive Primary School we believe history to be the study of people in the past and how their actions have affected our lives today. The past influences all aspects of our lives. It shapes the customs and beliefs of the communities to which we belong. History can help children to make sense of the world in which they live and help them develop a sense of identity.


Good practice is demonstrated by children being actively involved in study of the past, using a range of sources of information, asking questions such as ‘How do we know?’ and making progress. Our aims at Aycliffe Drive Primary School are that all children:

  •  To be able to link real events and places with sources and artefacts which are still in evidence around us from the past.
  • To develop a sense of chronology through sequencing events and objects.
  • To study people from the past and how their actions have affected our lives and the wider world today.
  • To look at the customs and beliefs of the community we live in which will help develop their social understanding and self-awareness.
  • To ensure that children will have the opportunity to study the history of their local area and understand their moral and social values.
  •  To learn about significant aspects of history within an appropriately scaled time line.
  • To be able to talk about abstract terms such as continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarities and differences.
  •  To make sure there are opportunities for children to use different methods of enquiry.
  •  To make sure children are learning how to frame their own questions and allow children to create structured accounts.
  •  Children will need the opportunity to learn historical terminology for example, empire, civilisation, parliament and peasantry.
  • Derive enjoyment and a sense of achievement through their work.