School Council Category

Christmas decorations.

Thank you to everyone who returned their completed decoration, they are on display in our library.   They make the room look very festive.

Charity events.

Inside the entrance hall is a School Council board showing photos of all the charity events, which have taken place so far in this academic year.  

Gifts for underprivileged children.

To all parents. A big thank you from the school council for giving so generously . This picture shows a Salvation Army lady with the first delivery of presents. The presents were distributed on 19th December and the Salvation Army were overwhelmed with the amount received. Thank you once again. Have a wonderful Christmas.

School Council Learning Walk

The School Council enjoyed taking part in a learning walk across Key Stage 1. They looked around each classroom jotting down what they thought would help the children to learn. They noticed lots of different things including calculating posters, timetables and number bonds for maths and phonic sounds, grammar posters and high frequency words for literacy. The […]