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We have planted sunflower seeds, unfortunately the weather has not been kind to us and not many have germinated.  the children planted out some of the sunflowers that have germinated and we will be recording their progress in class.  How tall do you think they will grow?  We also planted some snap dragons and calendula. […]

Camouflaged Caterpillars

We have been learning the importance of camouflage to a caterpillar if they do not want to be eaten by a bird.  Some caterpillars are really easy to find but others look like the plants they live on.  We found that red and blue caterpillars were very easy to find but the green and brown […]

Easter in the Woods

On our way into the woods today, the children had to find the matching parts of their eggs.         But, when we got to Forest School, we found that the naughty squirrels had stolen the poor Easter Bunny’s eggs and hidden them around the woods.   Fortunately the clever Easter Bunny had used […]

Christmas Decorations

In Forest School, we have started to make our Christmas decorations.  For this, we have been learning to saw to create a disk of wood.  The children have all learnt how to use a saw safely.  Next week we will be decorating our creations ready to take home for Christmas.  

Reversible and irreversible changes

Today we have been thinking about revisable and irreversible change as part of our material topic.  We melted chocolate, cooked popping corn, melted ice and cooked toast on the fire.  Which ones were reversible and which ones were irreversible?

Why do leaves change colour in Autumn?

  We have been learning about our trees, which ones we can identify and what happens to them in the Autumn.  The leaves have started to change colours and the leaves will soon fall off the trees.  As Autumn begins, the days get shorter and shorter. With fewer daylight hours, leaves are not able to make as […]

Learning to identify trees

In Forest School we are learning to identify trees.  We used their leaves to identify Oak, Sycamore and lime trees which are all found around our playground.  Each of the leaves are very different shapes and they are starting to change colour.  We then enjoyed our snack and playing in the woods.

London’s burning

A fire started on September 2nd in the King’s bakery in Pudding Lane near London Bridge. Fires were quite a common occurrence in those days.  The children all made houses for their homework. However that summer had been very hot and there had been no rain for weeks, so consequently the wooden houses and buildings […]

Planting seeds for our next topic

Today we started to look at our next Science topic.  We will be looking at plants, we started to get ready for our topic by planting some seeds so that we will be able to look at plants in more detail later on in the year.  Today we planted two types of sunflowers, one will […]

Redwood’s Viking Afternoon in Forest School

We had a brilliant time learning new and applying existing knowledge about the Vikings in Forest School this week. We made wattle, long boats, food cooked on an open fire and Viking weapons like bows and arrows.