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Christmas Decorations

In Forest School, we have started to make our Christmas decorations.  For this, we have been learning to saw to create a disk of wood.  The children have all learnt how to use a saw safely.  Next week we will be decorating our creations ready to take home for Christmas.  

Learning to identify trees

In Forest School we are learning to identify trees.  We used their leaves to identify Oak, Sycamore and lime trees which are all found around our playground.  Each of the leaves are very different shapes and they are starting to change colour.  We then enjoyed our snack and playing in the woods.

Inter school competition-Birch

Today Birch class took part in an inter school competition at the sports centre. The children took part in lots of activities such as speed stacking, dribbling, football, throwing and aiming. We all had lots of fun and the children’s behaviour was exemplary. Well done Birch for all your efforts and for coming in 5th […]

Senses Walk

This afternoon in Birch class we went on a senses walk around the school. We were looking for things that we could see, hear, smell, taste and touch. We also described the senses using adjectives. After our walk we recorded what we found out.

Birch-Baking Fire of London Cakes

Following on from learning all about the Great Fire of London in class, we decided to make Fire of London Cakes. This was based on a recipe that we think was possibly made during the time of the great fire. The children thoroughly enjoyed following the instructions on how to make them. They all looked […]

Wellbeing Year 1

Today we were very lucky to have a wellbeing workshop learning how to look after our bodies and minds. We had lots of fun taking part in various activities linked to learning, being active, giving to others, taking notice and connecting with others.  

Pancake Day Birch Class

Today we celebrated pancake day by making pancakes in class. We had great fun watching them be cooked and we really enjoyed trying lots of different toppings. Our favourites were lemon and sugar, chocolate spread and golden syrup.    

Sharing Paddington Stories Afternoon

The children in Chestnut and Birch had a really nice Monday afternoon. Birch children came to the Chestnut classroom to read Paddington stories that they had written before half- term. Next some Chestnut children read their stories about Paddington Bear. All the children seemed to be happy and proud of themselves! Well done Birch and […]

Birch Gymnastics

Today we have been practising travelling on different equipment in our PE lesson. We were practising jumping, turning, twisting and climbing. We loved using the wall bars!

Stained Glass Biscuits

We have been very busy in Birch making stained glass biscuits. We made the biscuit dough then crushed some sweets and put them in the middle of the biscuit and finally they went into the oven to bake. The biscuits will be sent home tomorrow for families to enjoy! We hope everyone has a lovely […]