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Mayan Chocolate

We have been learning about where chocolate comes from and how it is made. The children designed their own chocolate bar and chocolate wrapper. Following their design, the children made their chocolate bar and added in their own fillings and toppings. A fun time was had by all! 

The Colour Purple

Chestnut thought about the colour purple for their latest poetry work. They read the poem ‘Purple is…’ which is a free verse poem and they then composed their own as a class.  

Moving Pictures

For their DT topic Chestnut learnt about simple machines and made their own moving pictures. They identified different types of lever and slider and made their own. As our topic is space they designed and made a planet with moving characters using a lever mechanism made from split pins and card.

When the Dinosaur Came to Stay

During their poetry lessons Chestnut have been working on dinosaur poems. They read ‘When the Dinosaur Came to Stay’. They wrote their own poems using different types of sentences such as, questions, commands, statements and exclamations.  

Fairy Tales

Chestnut were reading Rapunzel and learning about Fairy Tales. They wrote their own recipes for writing a fairy tale! They used imperative verbs to write command sentences like ‘stir’, ‘mix’ and ‘pour’.

Forest School Year 6

Our year 6 children enjoyed a day in Forest School.  We started our day with a lovely walk exploring our local countryside and our stunning countryside.   We found a fallen down tree which made a perfect excuse for a bit of climbing Picnic in the field with stunning views of the countryside and we […]

Sponsored Fairy Tale Walk

The children in Reception class had lots of fun taking part in a sponsored fairy tale walk. They trip trapped across the bridge. Put the gingerbread in the oven and then ran as fast as they could around the field. They built a brick house and then took a piece of food and walked it […]


Who lives in our Pond?  Today in Chestnut the children pond dipped.  We found some very interesting creatures. Did you know? Smooth newts eat insects, caterpillars, worms and slugs while on land, and crustaceans, molluscs and tadpoles when in the water. They are most active during the night. Did you know? Dragonflies lay their eggs […]

The Three Little Pigs

Last week our traditional tale story was ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The children had a fun filled week completing activities linked to the story.