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Why do leaves change colour in Autumn?

  We have been learning about our trees, which ones we can identify and what happens to them in the Autumn.  The leaves have started to change colours and the leaves will soon fall off the trees.  As Autumn begins, the days get shorter and shorter. With fewer daylight hours, leaves are not able to make as […]

The Basic Needs

During our last science lesson, we discovered what animals, including humans need to survive. We had a lot of ideas but finally we all agreed that air, water and food are the basic needs. We also came to the conclusion that animals in their natural habitat have everything to live but when we have our […]

London’s burning

A fire started on September 2nd in the King’s bakery in Pudding Lane near London Bridge. Fires were quite a common occurrence in those days.  The children all made houses for their homework. However that summer had been very hot and there had been no rain for weeks, so consequently the wooden houses and buildings […]

Chestnut Sport Festival at the Sports Centre

The children in Chestnut had a really active morning full of fun. They went to the Sports Centre to represent our school and took part in different sport activities. The children were really enthusiastic and did they best! They absolutely loved jumping on the trampolines! They also enjoyed speed stacking and tried different dance movements. […]

Year 2 Well-Being Workshop

The children in Year 2 had a workshop about 5 ways to well-being. They were learning that the brain and the body are connected so it’s very important to look after them both. The children had a chance to make each of the ways to well- being familiar to them by taking part in different […]

Chestnut Assembly to the Parents

Thank you for everyone who came to watch our special class assembly! The children couldn’t wait to see you and show you what we have been learning this term. They did really well and were very pleased with themselves. It was a really important day for our class! Well done Chestnut!

Fun in the Snow

Chestnut class was really lucky they had their Forest School session on the Snowy Day! The children had a lot of fun playing with the snow. They were throwing snowballs at each other and made a lot of snowmen on the field. It was great fun for everybody not only for the children!

Planting Seeds

During Forest School we started to learn how plants grow. We have learnt how to plant seeds. In the beginning we carefully put soil in the pots, next we made a little hole in the soil and then we put seeds in. In the end we put more soil to cover the seeds. We were […]

Planting seeds for our next topic

Today we started to look at our next Science topic.  We will be looking at plants, we started to get ready for our topic by planting some seeds so that we will be able to look at plants in more detail later on in the year.  Today we planted two types of sunflowers, one will […]

Shrove Tuesday in Chestnut

We learnt about Shrove Tuesday and how to make pancakes! In small groups we read pancake recipes and checked if we’ve got all ingredients that we need. Then we measured the right amount of each ingredient and followed the instructions in the recipe. The children stirred all the ingredients together to make a batter. As […]