School Uniform and P.E. Kits

School Uniform 

Aycliffe Drive is proud of its identity and children do wear the uniform when they move into the Reception class.  We encourage the wearing of the uniform or at least the colours in the Nursery. Children need a pair of shoes for indoor and a pair for outdoors.

Our school uniform consists of

•    A white shirt or blouse or a Red or White polo top
•    Grey or black trousers or skirts.
•    Red sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan

  • House badge

Please note the school uniform does not need to have our school logo on and plain uniform can be purchased from most supermarkets. If you wish to purchase uniform with the school logo on, please order from

All children must have an indoor and outdoor pair of shoes in school at all times.

In addition for summer use:

•    Red checked or striped dress.
•    Grey or black shorts.

Children in KS2 wear ties which can be purchased from the school office;

  • Elastic Ties – £3.49
  • 45″ Ties – £3.90
  • 52″ Ties – £4.35

You can also purchase in the office:

  • Swim Hat – £1.37
  • Book Bag – £3.15
  • Shoe Bag – £2.20

Badges if lost:

  • House badges (colour) – 75p each, rubber backs given when metal one is lost.
  • School Council/ Monitor/ Outstanding Award- £1.75

We expect the children to look smart and conform to the uniform at all times.  This includes the wearing of school badges and the tying back of long hair.  Hair should not be dyed or cut with logos.  Children should not come to school with nail varnish or tattoos.

Please mark EVERYTHING with the child’s name, as unmarked items are rarely returned to the owner.

The school reserves the right to decide whether or not clothing or other articles brought into school are appropriate for a place of education. e.g. shoes with laces must only be worn if the child can tie their own laces. If a child can not tie laces and brings shoes with laces to school, it becomes a health and safety risk.

Jewellery & Personal Items

The Governors have decided, for safety reasons, that jewellery and other items of value should not be brought into school.  If your child has pierced ears, only small studs are permitted and must be covered by micropore tape.  Discrete watches may be worn but we cannot accept responsibility if they are misplaced or broken.
Mobile phones are only permitted for Year 6 pupils who walk home on their own.  The phones MUST be left at the school office switched off and picked up at the end of the school day.  Due to restricted security facilities, the school cannot take responsibility for mobile phones.

Games Wear

Children do indoor PE in bare feet but will need plimsolls or trainers for outdoors.  These should be kept in school at all times along with a pair of black shorts and a white polo shirt. These items can be stored in a shoe bag.  These bags are available for sale in the school office at £2.20 each.

Youngest children

Our youngest children find it comforting to have a change of their clothing in school, in case of “accidents”.