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The Great Fire of London

Chestnut have been learning all about London. They were really interested in The Great Fire of London and have learnt so much about it! The children made houses at home and we reinacted the Great Fire during our forest school session. We put the houses close together and watched how the fire spread.

Laurel Displays

In Laurel we have been very busy creating new displays in class. The children enjoyed writing their own newspaper reports in English linked to the story of Cinnamon by Neil Gaiman. Last week the children drew and coloured in their book day character and took part in many activities linked to Book Week. The children […]


Redwood Class making Periscopes to investigate how light travels.

Harry Potter Studios – Redwood

Redwood Class Year 6 had a fabulous time at the Harry Potter World in connection to their English learning using the Harry Potter texts as examples of classic modern fantasy fiction. We had a workshop which developed our writing skills in this genre and took part in a tailored tour. All the children were not […]

Harry Potter Studios – Oak

Oaks trip to Harry Potter Studios was enjoyed by everyone. They had a fantastic day riding broom sticks and creating games in the work shop. When they got back to school they created leaflets to promote the shops that were in Diagon Alley. The children’s work is displayed in the class room and on our […]

Pancake Day

Today we celebrated Shrove Tuesday, which is also called Pancake Day. We learnt how to make the pancakes using flour, eggs and milk. We whisked up the ingredients and watched Mrs Chinn cook them in a frying pan. Then we tossed them in the air. It was great fun! We tasted them with different toppings […]

London’s burning

The great fire took place today in  Forest School, recreating Pudding Lane with the houses we made at home.  The fire started in the Bakery but by the time we called for help, London was burning.


Our new topic is Winter. We having been learning facts about cold weather animals and completed an individual piece of work on this and its been displayed in our role-play area. We used black paper, white card, glue and paint to create snowmen and igloos. We investigated blocks of ice and discussed what made it […]