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Learning to identify trees

In Forest School we are learning to identify trees.  We used their leaves to identify Oak, Sycamore and lime trees which are all found around our playground.  Each of the leaves are very different shapes and they are starting to change colour.  We then enjoyed our snack and playing in the woods.

Thank you NHS!

Over the last couple of days, the key workers children who have been attending school made this beautiful picture to thank our wonderful NHS!

Yoga session

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. As part of wellbeing week, the children in Laurel participated in a yoga session. They enjoyed learning different postures and breathing techniques!

Setting descriptions.

In Willow, we read the authors description of the Elvenkings Gate from The Hobbit and the children had to re write it beating the author. The children then had to write in the first person describing the Red Mordor through Sams eyes. This was taken from Lord of the Rings.

Buddy groups in 4 Willow

Our four buddy groups today made stars, showing a self portrait in the middle with their favourite things on each point. On the other side, they drew their favourite person.

Sedimentary rock in a cup

To learn more about rocks and soil, the children put different cereals in a cup to represent layers. Bran flakes represented silt, Rice Krispies, sand and Coco Pops, foliage and leaves. Marshmallows, Swizzle sweets and Love Hearts were used to represent different fossils. We poured butter in one cup to see if any changes occurred […]