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Brazil Topic – Birch

In Birch class for our topic this term, we have been learning all about Brazil. We looked at the city of Rio de Janeiro and learned about the famous carnival held there. We listened to some samba music and made our own carnival masks. We had lots of fun!

Reception Open Mornings/Afternoon

Please see information below. If you would like to visit the Reception unit for September 2023 admissions, please contact the school office via Reception Open Mornings and Afternoons 22

Subtraction games

This week 4 Hawthorn have been rehearsing their subtraction skills by playing maths games. In this game we had to choose 5 cards to use as digits and arrange them to make a subtraction calculation with the smallest possible difference. We tried the different methods we have learned this week.

Black History Month Workshop

To mark Black History Month we were extremely lucky to have a whole school workshops provided by external experts in African Drumming and Dance. Focussing in the Halaiki rhythms and beats of East African the workshops used traditional Djembe drums and expressive dance movements that could be used to convey stories, emotions and celebrate occasions.  […]

Conducting Electricity

For the past few weeks, Hawthorn have been learning about electricity. In this lesson we have been placing cutlery of different materials into a circuit to see if they conduct electricity.

Music – Take One Tune

‘Carnival of the Animals’ by Saint – Saens We listened to the music and painted pictures to go with the animals.                                                We made fish and tortoises using tissue paper.       […]

Where teachers keep their pets

Chestnut have been writing poems based on Paul Cookson’s poem ‘Where teachers keep their pets’. The children learnt about rhyming and thought of words to rhyme with the pet they had chosen.  They published their own work.

Knife Crime Workshop

Redwood Class Year 6 had the opportunity to participate in a externally delivered expert workshop on Knife Crime linked to the PSHE learning on how to safe in the wider world. The children showed an admirable appreciation of the issues involved in discussing various scenarios and discovered many important new facts which will help them […]

The Carnival of the Animals

In Birch class the children listened to the full version of The Carnival of the Animals while learning about the composer Camille Saint-Saens. We experimented with different instruments to recreate the sounds of different segments of the music. During P.E the children created different dances of the music and then made masks to wear to […]

PGL day 3 continued

Children should arrive back at school at 3pm today (24/06). If the are stuck in traffic, parents will be contacted between 2pm and 2.30pm. Day 3 continued – One of our last activities before dinner is Jacob’s Ladder. We could not believe just how far team work could take us. We all got sore necks […]