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In year 3 Laurel we are learning Lacrosse in our PE lessons

Christmas Decorations

In Forest School, we have started to make our Christmas decorations.  For this, we have been learning to saw to create a disk of wood.  The children have all learnt how to use a saw safely.  Next week we will be decorating our creations ready to take home for Christmas.  

Christmas Card Project

This year the children have been busy designing their own Christmas cards for Hertfordshire Independent Living Services.  HILS provide meals in our local community.  The cards will be sent out with meals and helping to spread a little Christmas cheer for those that may be a little lonely this Christmas.

November Newsletter

Our latest newsletter Autumn Term November 20 Newsletter3

Four Seasons

We had a fantastic day completing many activities around the theme of the four seasons! For Autumn, we made leaf bookmarks and decorated biscuits. For winter we melted a big block of ice and found a surprise inside! Then, we had hot chocolate. We remembered spring by hunting for our daffodils and made chocolate nests. […]

2D Shape Castles

The children in Reception class have been learning about 2D shapes. They used circles, triangles, rectangles and squares to create their own castle.      

Reversible and irreversible changes

Today we have been thinking about revisable and irreversible change as part of our material topic.  We melted chocolate, cooked popping corn, melted ice and cooked toast on the fire.  Which ones were reversible and which ones were irreversible?

Stories in Familiar setting

In sycamore class for our English work we have been looking at stories in familiar settings.  We made Knuffle Bunny and learned the story off by heart using talk for writing.  We retold the story and then we wrote our own versions.  We changed the story settings and the lost toy.  We made story maps, […]

Learning the ukulele

Willow have been learning about rhythm and playing the ukulele with Mrs Osmond. . 

Why do leaves change colour in Autumn?

  We have been learning about our trees, which ones we can identify and what happens to them in the Autumn.  The leaves have started to change colours and the leaves will soon fall off the trees.  As Autumn begins, the days get shorter and shorter. With fewer daylight hours, leaves are not able to make as […]