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Sedimentary rock in a cup

To learn more about rocks and soil, the children put different cereals in a cup to represent layers. Bran flakes represented silt, Rice Krispies, sand and Coco Pops, foliage and leaves. Marshmallows, Swizzle sweets and Love Hearts were used to represent different fossils. We poured butter in one cup to see if any changes occurred […]

Letter Hunt

In P.E. we are covering the unit ‘Outdoor and Adventurous ‘. The children worked in small groups to hunt for capital letters. They were given a map of the classroom which indicated where the hidden letters could be found. Before they started to hunt for the letters, they orientated themselves correctly and then decided which […]

Senses walk

For our science this week, we have been learning about our 5 senses. We went on a senses walk around school to describe what we could see, touch, smell and hear. We had lots of fun!

Rocks and Soils.

The children in Hawthorn have started to look at rocks and soils. We have carried out a few experiments using food to represent the different aspects of rock formation. The children grated chocolate to create sedimentary rock and then used the heat, and some pressure from their hands, to form it into metamorphic rock. They […]

Hawthorns Mountain homework

The children in Hawthorn worked very hard on their homework to create some amazing mountains. Some children got creative and built models, others did some impressive research to find out lots of facts on their chosen mountain.

The Basic Needs

During our last science lesson, we discovered what animals, including humans need to survive. We had a lot of ideas but finally we all agreed that air, water and food are the basic needs. We also came to the conclusion that animals in their natural habitat have everything to live but when we have our […]