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Making nests

In nursery we listened to the birds singing. In spring the birds make nests for their eggs. We made nests for our birds.  

Titanic research

We have begun our Titanic unit by doing research for homework and researching a passenger in class. We hope to write a biography about our passenger after finding out about them. We are using our knowledge of our Anne Frank biography that we wrote earlier in the year.   

Learning how seeds grow

Today we talked about how seeds grow and what they needed to grow. We planted French beans, radish and lettuce into a vegetable bed and the same seeds into cups with water.  

Buddy Groups

On Wednesday afternoon the children did some Easter activities in the afternoon in their buddy groups. We all had an Easter egg hunt and then designed our own Easter eggs in our groups. The children worked really hard and had a lot of fun!                      

4 Willow Easter Egg Cups.

In D T  the children have been using clay as a medium to produce an egg cup. They used a development sheet to try out all their ideas before making their final decision.  

Hawthorn (painted) rocks


This afternoon 4Hawthorn spent some time painting Easter themed rocks to hide around Grove Hill (if they want to part with them). We spent a lot of time talking about colour theory and mixing paints, before drafting out our designs in our sketch books. When it came to painting, we used proper, flat pallets and […]

Year 5 Computing

Last week Mr Perry and Mr Green worked with all the year 5s, learning what makes a computer work. We discussed the main components and then the children set to a pile of old and broken PCs, trying to find the parts we discussed and seeing how a computer is (dis)assembled.