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As part of our World War 2 topic in Oak, we have been foraging for fruit and using what we have found to make a crumble. We learnt how people needed to supplement their rations.

Magnificent Mountains!

In Oak class we have been learning about mountains. We created our own fact files about a mountain or a mountain range, then we made a model using various materials including mod roc. Here are the models we have created of Mount Kilimanjaro, The Alps, Mount Rushmore, The Himalayas, Mount Everest and The Rockies.

David Hockney inspired I-Pad Art

In Oak class we have been looking at artwork by David Hockney, who uses an I-Pad to create his amazing pictures. We have recreated our own versions of this work and thought you would like to see our work.

The Maya and the Rainforest by 4 Willow.

In Willow, we have been studying the Maya and the Rainforest . We made models representing the Rainforest and wrote information on animals that can be found in them  .

KS1 Trip to St Mary’s Church

Today the children in KS1 went on a trip to St Mary’s Church in the Old Town.  We enjoyed looking inside the church to see what we could find and the children enjoyed asking Reverend John and Reverend Austin lots of interesting questions.  In the afternoon we had a great time in Gadebridge Park eating […]

Conscience Alley

Should the Rainforest be cut down? The class have researched points for and against cutting the rainforest down for home learning and are now listening to others points. What do you think? The class will use these ideas for discussion text later in the week.