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Redwood Class Anglo-Saxon Estate Agent!

We turned our classroom in to an Anglo-Saxon Estate Agent. Parents were given cubes to place by the house they would like to buy. The children made their own houses for home learning and all were brilliant!

Science Investigation

In Laurel we did an investigation to find out which biscuits are the best for dunking. Bourbon biscuits were the overall winner. Closely followed by Rich Tea Fingers and Chocolate Chip Cookies. However, Mr Black our expert at dunking biscuits is keeping his results a closely guarded secret!    

4 Willow science day results

The results are in, with the chocolate digestive the winner, coming in first place in three of our five test groups. Mr Black looked very pleased with the result……….

Science day .

Today in our science lesson, our investigation question was “Which biscuit should Mr Black dunk?” We tested a total of nine different biscuits. We made the test fair by using the same amount of water, and temperature,in the same size cup, dunking the same biscuit at the same time. The biscuits were timed to 8 […]

Can you identify our trees in winter

We have been learning to identify trees in the winter. In summer we can use their leaves but in winter we can use their buds and shape. Can you identify this tree from the KS1 playground? The buds are black.

Drawing Fruit

Today in our art lesson we have been doing close observational drawings of the inside of fruit. We looked carefully at the shapes we could see and tried to recreate different textures using a sketching pencil.

Map of the school by 4 Willow.

Our topic in Geography is our local history. So we are looking at the geography and land usage around us. For this the children have produced a map of their school.

Best party ever?!

What a term! Maple and Oak let their hair down at possibly the best party in the world! Great term everyone.

Ukulele with 4 Willow….. and parents/carers

This afternoon the children in 4 Willow performed a small concert to their parents with their ukuleles. Afterwards the parents were invited to try out the ir skills on the ukuleles. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon.