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Our new topic is Winter. We having been learning facts about cold weather animals and completed an individual piece of work on this and its been displayed in our role-play area. We used black paper, white card, glue and paint to create snowmen and igloos. We investigated blocks of ice and discussed what made it […]

Kit Kat fractions

Today Willow children enjoyed fractions using Kit Kat bars.

Laurel Christmas Campfire

Laurel Christmas Campfire This week our class had a Christmas campfire in the woods. The children enjoyed getting in the festive spirit by decorating the forest school trees and toasting marshmallows. We sang Christmas songs and were excited to play once again in the woods.


It’s been a very fun month! Our ‘Pirate’s Seaside’ turned into ‘Pirate’s Christmas’. We performed an amazing play, ‘The Innkeepers Breakfast’ and have been busy with all our christmas craft.    

Maple Christmas Fire

We had our Christmas Fire this afternoon. We enjoyed toasting (and eating) marshmallows and singing Christmas Carols!

Picasso Cubism

For our Art we looked at cubism. We have been looking at the work of Picasso and other artists who have used this genre. We painted these pictures of flowers using geometric shapes and acrylic paints.

Sycamore Science Day

We had 4 different brands of nappies and we had to find out which nappy would hold and absorb the greater amount of liquid. Aldi won!

Non-Fiction texts

We looked at different non-fiction texts to learn about owls. We learnt about the features of a non-fiction text and found them in different books. Then we wrote our own information poster about barn owls. During our work on portraits we learnt about the artist Picasso. We looked at the painting ‘Woman in a hat […]