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The Pirate Cruncher

We have been working on writing a different ending to The Pirate Cruncher. These are pictures of our display in class.

Easter in the Woods

On our way into the woods today, the children had to find the matching parts of their eggs.         But, when we got to Forest School, we found that the naughty squirrels had stolen the poor Easter Bunny’s eggs and hidden them around the woods.   Fortunately the clever Easter Bunny had used […]

British Science Week

To mark British Science week (5-14 March) Redwood Class have been conducting fun and interesting investigations. This week we learnt how to grow our own rainbows to investigate the scientific process of capillary action.

Redwood Class UFO Sightings!

Year 6 wrote some truly out of this world newspaper reports based on UFO landings around Aycliffe Drive School.

Hogwarts comes to Aycliffe

The children really enjoyed our Harry Potter day where they made potions and took part in Harry Potter crafts. After break they went on to the playground and took part in a game of Quidditch where Gryffindor were the winners. They finished off with watching the movie and choosing sweets off the sweet trolley. The […]

Newspaper Reports

All the children completed their own newspaper reports, remembering to use the past tense and reported speech as well as appropriate punctuation.

Gingerbread Houses

The children have been busy decorating their own Gingerbread Houses.  I hope you agree they look amazing.  

HILS Christmas Cards

I just wanted to say thank you very much, on behalf of my mother Phyllis, for the delightful Xmas card that you made. HILS, the meals service that delivers my mother’s daily meal, gave her your colourful card today. It made her day! She was so pleased to receive the card because she is 95 […]

Mr Twit’s dirty beard.

In Laurel, we have been working on the Twits, looking at character description. We have used interesting vocabulary to describe Mr Twit inside and out. We have focused on particularly, his dirty beard.