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Science Day – 8 February 2018

We had our second Science Day on Thursday 8 February and our focus question was ‘Do people with the biggest hands grab the most sweets?’ All classes were given sweets for the children, paper plates and large paper to record their findings.  The children needed to think about the different stages of their exploration before jumping […]

Redwoods finished Viking Artefacts!

Here is our display of our finished works of art! The children worked really hard and have produced some great creations!

Soil investigations


Moving on from the rocks, Hawthorn have been looking at soil. They have made close observations to see what they think soil is made of and have carried a second investigation out to see which soils around the school have the best drainage (soil permeability).                              

Chinese New Year

Reception class have been learning about Chinese New Year.             The children chopped mushrooms, baby corn, peppers and spring onions for a Chinese stir fry then Mrs Long added noodles, beansprouts, soy sauce and cooked it.     

Redwood Viking/Anglo-Saxon day in Forest School

Redwood had a great time in forest school completing various activities. We made a full sized longship outline using branches, honey glazed root vegetables (using a Viking recipe), an Anglo-Saxon house, bows and arrows and found artefacts.

Sycamore Displays

Sycamore class have been very busy this half term.  We have been enjoying our new topic of London, especially learning about London landmarks and listening to stories about Paddington Bear. We have created some new displays showing our portraits inspired by Pablo Picasso and we have written dialogue for Paddington Bear.  The children are having lots of […]

Mythical creatures

6 Oak have been working hard throughout the unit to write with cohesion, parenthesis, use adverbs, subordinate clauses and use powerful language. Here are a few examples of class work.      

Redwood Viking D&T

We are in the process of designing and making various Viking inspired objects including Longboats, shields, pouches and swords. All the children have created a booklet with their design brief and plan of how they will produce their chosen design. Finished piece photos to follow soon, watch this space!