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The Gruffalo

The Reception children have been enjoying exploring and and playing in our Gruffalo role play.

Which material absorbs the sound?

In 4 Willow, we have been studying sound in Science. In our experiment we used cling film, a tea towel, bubble wrap, tin foil and a newspaper. We made the test fair by making everything the size of the tea towel, wrapping them all in the I pad with a timer that sounded a bell […]

Harry Potter World Trip

Redwood Class Year 6 had a fabulous day out in connection to their English Unit on fantasy fiction which focussed on the work of J.K. Rowling and her fabulous Harry Potter series. We all experienced a ride on a broomstick, window shopped in diagonal alley, feasted our eyes in the Hogwarts hall and did a […]

Beat the Author.

The children in Hawthorn have written their own version of a paragraph taken from Tolkien’s The Hobbit. It is a setting description using lots of expanded noun phrases, prepositions and adjectives. We asked Willow class to read all of our adapted paragraphs and to vote for their favourite piece of writing. Lots of Hawthorn children […]

London Topic

In Key Stage One our topic this term is ‘London’. We will be looking at geography and history based around London. We will be learning about the Great Fire of London. We have the pudding lane bakery in the classroom and the children have been having fun baking in the oven and completing lots of […]

Limericks by 4 Willow.

In English we have been looking at limericks, using the pattern AABBA for their rhymes. We composed our own limericks using this pattern, clapping out our syllables to make sure we had the pattern correct.

Our school-made telephones by 4 Willow.

In our Science, for our sound test, we were tasked with making our own string telephones and holding a conversation with our partners. We made predictions for each change to the string, whether it was pinching the string or joining a new line, ‘a party line’. We also tried different lengths of string to see […]