Behaviour & Rewards

The ethos at Aycliffe Drive is one of care and consideration for others.  It is expected that pupils will keep the class and school rules.  The staff encourage the development of qualities imagesand values such as responsibility and an increased understanding of right and wrong.

Staff respond very promptly to allegations of bullying or racial discrimination.  The school’s behaviour policy sets out clear guidelines on how to proceed in such situations. Unacceptable behaviour is dealt with appropriately by staff. This may include loss of privileges such as lunchtime. Parents/carers are involved in discussion and the handling of persistent bad behaviour.

Good behaviour is rewarded by a system of coloured dots called House Points . These dots can be issued by any member of staff at Aycliffe Drive for hard work, kindness, helpfulness and general good behaviour. When ten dots have been awarded pupils receive bronze, silver and gold certificates during school assembly.  Pupils who reach the gold level become eligible for a gold wrist band.  All Year 6 pupils are expected to carry out a monitor duty in a responsible manner.  Some duties include caring for Foundation Reception pupils during lunchtime, running clubs and keeping the school tidy and litter free.

If pupils misbehave they will:

  •  miss a playtime
  •  miss an enjoyable activity
  •  be sent to see Mrs Green or a senior member of staff.
  •  have a daily behaviour record kept by the school staff
  •  have to take a letter home to their parents
  •  be excluded from school

Children please do not forget that the midday supervisors and teaching assistants are on the playground and in the dining room to look after your safety and to help you if you are hurt or in trouble. Please be polite to them at all times.  The year 5 and 6 leaders will also be there to help children with minor problems at playtimes.

Relevant Policy