Children are expected to arrive on the playground between 8.40 am and 8:45 am.

  • There will be an adult by the entrance door to each classroom in the mornings.
  •  The bell will be rung and the doors will be opened at 8.45am.
  •  Key stage 2 children line up in their classes and will be taken in by a member of staff. KS1 need to go to their class doors.
  • The registers close at nine o’clock.  If you arrive after nine o’clock, you will need to come through the front door, so that your child can be registered at the office.

We carry out First Day Response.  This means that if your child is absent you need to contact the school on the first morning of absence. If no contact is made, then somebody from the office will telephone to request a reason.  Please also inform the office if you know in advance that your child will be absent for medical appointments.

Children should not be taken out of school for holidays or days out during term time.  However, if this is unavoidable, then a permission slip needs to be obtained from the office. The headteacher will be unable to give permission if this coincides with your child’s SATs tests (year 2 and year 6 only). These take place in May, or if too many holiday days have already been taken.