Attendance Information

Our school hours are 8.30am-3.00pm each day. Children must be in school, ready to work by 8.30am. Classroom doors will open at 8.20am each morning.

Nursery AM starts at 8.15am and finished at 11.15am. Nursery PM run from 12.00pm-3.00pm. 30 Hour children start at 8.15am and finish at 3.00pm.

All classes allow a 10 minute window for children to arrive from the start time. If children arrive after the 10 minutes that their class starts, they will be marked as late.

Attendance Scheme

We have been trying to encourage the children to attend school regularly through our attendance scheme where children receive certificates for 100% or high attendance and a movie afternoon at the end of the year.  Every week an attendance cup is awarded to the class which has the highest attendance and a punctuality cup at the end of each term.  Our attendance target for last year was 97% and we achieved 95%.  This year we again set the target at 97% and we need to work really hard to meet this year’s target. If you have any issues or concerns that you feel may be impacting your child’s attendance please contact us.

To attend or not to attend?

We carry out First Day Response.  This means that if your child is absent you need to contact the school on the first morning of absence. If no contact is made, then somebody from the office will telephone to request a reason for the absence.  Please also inform the office if you know in advance that your child will be absent for medical appointments.

We do encourage children to come into school if they are a little unwell.  Always try and send them to school if they feel a little unwell, the school will always contact you if your child too unwell.

However, please do not send them in if they have an infectious illness, e.g. chickenpox. (Please take advice from your GP)  If your child has had diarrhoea or been sick, they must be kept off school for 48 hours from the last incident.  This is to ensure that the infection does not spread through the school.  If you are unsure if your child can attend school, please contact the school office for further information on 01442 404008.

If your child is off from school, please confirm their absence in writing.  If your child has below average attendance you may be asked to provide medical evidence to ensure that the absence is authorised.

Punctuality, wakey wakey rise and shine

Regular attendance also means punctual attendance, it is important for you children to arrive on time; late arrival is disruptive to the class and upsetting for the children concerned.  Please ensure that your child arrives in good time for registration.

Term time leave

Children should not be taken out of school for holidays or days out during term time.  However, if this is unavoidable, then a permission slip needs to be obtained from the office. The head teacher will be unable to give permission if this coincides with your child’s SATs tests (year 2 and year 6 only) which take place in May, or if too many holiday days have already been taken.

If a holiday is taken without request or authorisation, a Penalty Notice Fine may be issued to the Parents/Carers on their return or your child may be removed from the school’s register.

Failure to attend school regularly

By law, all children must receive a full time education. As a parent/carer, you are responsible for making sure that your child attends school regularly and on time. If your child fails to attend school regularly and the absences are unauthorised, as a parent/carer you are guilty of an offence under Section 444 of The Education Act 1996. You may be prosecuted in the magistrates’ court and if found guilty are liable to a fine of up to £2,500 or imprisonment. Alternatively, you may be issued with a penalty notice. If you do not pay the penalty notice you will be prosecuted in the magistrates’ court. Hertfordshire County Council is using the Fixed Penalty Notice to encourage Parents/ Carers to improve their child’s school attendance.

  • If your child has 15 sessions of absences which are not authorised by the school you will receive a warning letter (AM=1 session, PM=1 session) 1 day = 2 sessions.
  • If your child then has further unauthorised absences within a 2 term period you will receive a £60 fine. (Each Parent/Carer will receive separate fines)
  • If this is not paid within 21 days, the fine will rise to £120 per parent/carer.

Every school day counts!!!!