Class Name Year Teachers Other Staff
Redwood Year 6 Ms Halai Mrs Mayo, Mrs Cain
Oak Year 5 and 6 Mrs Kenyon Mrs Horne
Maple Year 5 Mr Channa Mrs Nethercoat
Hawthorn Year 4 Mr Green Miss Rumph, Miss Johnson
Willow Year 3 and 4 Mrs Spary Mrs Osborne
Laurel Year 3 Ms Kent Mrs Black
Chestnut Year 2 Miss Fitzsimmons/Mrs Johnson Mrs Meunier, Miss Johnson
Sycamore Year 1 and 2 Miss Bushell  Miss McAuley
Birch Year 1 Miss Day Mrs Staines, Mrs Edwards
Ash and Elm Reception, Foundation Mrs Long and Mrs Norton Mrs Patterson, Miss Richardson, Mrs Barry, Miss Cowley, Ms Trinnaman,Miss Patterson, Mrs Arnold, Mrs Thomas
Fir Foundation, Nursery Miss Cross and Mrs Chinn Mrs Woodland-Payne, Miss Johnson, Mrs Tovee
Outdoor areas and Forest School Miss Irving and Miss Robson
Additional Needs Support Mrs Kempson
Working across all Key Stages Mrs Eyles and Mr Perry


Curriculum Subject Leadership and Support

Subject Leader
 Science Mr Channa Support Mrs Nethercoat
English (all areas) Mrs Kenyon
Maths Mr Green Support Mrs Johnson
History and Geography Mrs Spray
Art Miss Day Support Mrs Staines
Inclusion and SEN Miss Fitzsimmons and Mrs Major
Design and technology Mr Perry Support Mrs Cain
ICT Mr Green Support Mrs Meunier
P.E. Miss Bushell Support Miss McAuley
Music KS1 – Miss Day, KS2 Mrs Chinn, Support Mrs Horne
R.E KS1 Miss Day, KS2 Mrs Chinn Support Mrs Black
M.F.L Ms Kent
P.S.H.C and School Council Mrs Spary and Mrs Cross
Outdoor Areas Miss Irving Support Mrs Edwards


Key Stage Leadership

Stage Leader
Foundation Stage Mrs Long
KS1 Miss Fitzsimmons
KS2 Ms Halai/Mrs Kenyon
Lunchtime/Monitors staff Mrs Staines and Mrs Meunier
Parent Support Mrs Black
Lunchtime Hall Activities Mrs Osborne
Breakfast Club Mrs Black, Miss McAuley, Mrs Burton


Office and Premises Staff

Mr Black Premise Manager
Mrs Burton Reprographics Manager
Mrs Ashmore Administrative Assistant/ Data Manager
Mrs Hills 

Mrs Robson

Miss Robson

School Meals/Attendance Manager 

Finance Manager

Business Manager



Lunchtime Supervisors 

Miss Claire Patterson
Mrs Claire Williams
Ms Suzy MitchellMs Sharron Woolford

Mrs Emma Ledgard

Mrs Joanna Thomas