Classes and Staff

Being a one and a half-form entry school means we can take forty five children in each year group.  The children are organised chronologically. In Reception the children are provisionally allocated to one of the two classes. The pattern established on admission means that children will progress through the school with children of their own age, normally in a class with less than a chronological year between them.

The organisation pattern for 1½ forms of entry:

Foundation Nursery (15 hour and 30 hours places) (Fir)
Reception 1 (Ash) Reception 2 (Elm)
KS1 Year 2 (Chestnut) Year 1/2  (Sycamore) Year 1 (Birch)
Lower KS2 Year 4 (Hawthorn) Year 3/4 (Willow) Year 3 (Laurel)
Upper KS2 Year 6 (Redwood) Year 5/6   (Oak) Year 5 (Maple)

Within each class the teaching and learning will vary from whole class teaching to group work –either independently or under the direction of an adult – and children working individually. Teachers will group children for some activities by ability and work will be differentiated according to the ability of individual children.

Our pattern of organisation allows staff and children to work closely together in their Phase groups. Planning across a phase group eg UKS2 (Upper Key Stage 2) allows staff to stretch able children and support those who take a little longer. Team work amongst staff allows them to teach to strengths and to use each other’s strengths and talents when planning.

Age is the deciding factor in class allocation.  We cater for ability within each class.

Class Name Year Teachers Other Staff
Redwood Year 6 Ms Halai Miss Kelly, Miss Townsend
Oak Year 5 and 6 Mrs Eyles Mrs Horne
Maple Year 5 Mr Channa Mrs Black
Hawthorn Year 4 Mr Green Miss Rumph, Miss Marsh
Willow Year 3 and 4 Mr Jarman Miss Trinnaman
Laurel Year 3 Miss Delmar Mrs Verrill
Chestnut Year 2 Mrs Long Mrs Lambert, Miss Marsh
Sycamore Year 1 and 2 Miss McAuley Mrs Burton, Miss Smith
Birch Year 1 Mrs Young Miss Cowley
Ash and Elm Reception, Foundation Miss Johnson and Miss Clarke Mrs Patterson, Miss Richardson, Mrs Norton, Miss Hoy, Miss Howton
Fir Foundation, Nursery Mrs Chinn and Miss Irving Mrs Woodland-Payne, Mrs Tovee, Mrs Thomas


Outdoor areas and Forest School Miss Irving and Miss Robson
Pastoral Support & Mental Health Lead  Miss Rumph
1:1 Teaching Assistants Miss Malt, Miss Howton, Mrs Davis and Mrs Tadman

Mrs Halai also works as a KS2 writing moderator. This involves her visiting different schools and discussing writing judgements with the teachers at the other schools. Her training is reviewed annually and this supports us in making sure that we are always evaluating our own writing curriculum correctly.

Curriculum Subject Leadership and Support

Subject Leader
 Science Mr Channa
English (all areas) Mrs Long and Mrs Magowan
Maths Mr Green/Mrs Young Support Miss Rumph
History and Geography  

Mrs Halai


Art Mrs Young Support Miss Cowley
Inclusion Leader

Assistant SENCO

Pastoral Support

Speech and Language Lead

Assistant Mental Health Ld

Family Support

Miss Fitzsimmons

Mrs Major

Miss Rumph

Mrs Staines

Miss Rumph

Mrs Black

Design and Technology Mrs Young/Mr Green/Mr Channa
Computing Miss Cross
P.E. Mr Jarman
Music KS1 – Mrs Young, KS2 Mrs Chinn
R.E KS1 Mrs Young, KS2 Mrs Chinn Support Mrs Black
M.F.L Miss Johnson

School Council

Eco Council

Mrs Halal

Mrs Major

Mrs Halai


Key Stage Leadership

Stage Leader
Foundation Stage Mrs Long
KS1 Mrs Long
Lower KS2

Upper KS2

Mr Green

Ms Halai

Lunchtime/Monitors staff Mrs Staines
Parent Support Mrs Black
Lunchtime Hall Activities Miss Rumph and Mrs Horne
First Aid Mrs Staines


Office and Premises Staff

Mrs Burton Reprographics Manager
Mrs Ashmore Office Manager
Mrs Hills


Mrs Robson


Miss Robson

School Meals/Attendance Manager


Finance Manager


Business Manager



Lunchtime Supervisors 

 Ms Mitchell
 Ms Woolford
Mrs Staines (Supervisor)
Mrs Faizan

Miss Smith

Mrs Preston

Mrs Obasanmi

Miss Jones