Staff Section

Leadership Team

 Mrs Tracey Wartnaby          – Pre-School Leader & Business Manager

Miss Emma Hodgson          – Pre-School Leader


We have a very friendly caring team with a mixture of years of experience and staff new to Early Years.

Our Pre-School Leaders are Miss Hodgson & Mrs Wartnaby, both hold a Level 3 childcare qualification & are SENCo & Designated Person Safeguarding trained & are responsible for the overall day to day running of the setting and staff. Our Business Manager has worked in a business environment for many years & has been with the setting for over 10 years. We have one member of staff with Level 2 & another is due to complete her Level 3 this Summer.  We encourage all staff to gain Level 2/Level 3.  All staff have up to date Safeguarding training and Paediatric First Aid training and regularly attend Early Years Training courses through Herts for Learning.


Trustee Team


Pre-School Leader

Business Manager



Two Trustees