Starting Pre-school

Starting Pre-School


Please provide a small bag with spare nappies and wipes, plimsolls/indoor shoes and a change of clothes in case of accidents.  Dress your child for the weather and provide a coat, hat and gloves when needed.  On summer days, please apply sun screen before your child comes to pre-school.  Please label all clothing.


Key Person System


We have a key person system in place and our friendly experienced staff will help progress your child’s learning and development within the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and will look after your child’s wellbeing during their time with us.  Your may discuss your child’s progress with your key person at anytime by arrangement and at regular parent open days.


Allergies/Medical conditions


We need to know when you register your child if he/she has any allergies or medical conditions and a medical form must be completed.

We need to know if your child has taken medicine before arriving and we may only administer prescribed medication with your child’s name on.

At pre-school every effort is made to identify dietary and allergy needs and we do our best to accommodate these needs at snack times and during cooking activities.  We cannot guarantee a nut free environment but if we are made aware of a child’s allergy towards nuts or dairy, we have set procedures in place that all staff are aware of to follow if we have been informed on a medical form from a parent/carer.


Parent Involvement


Children are happier when the adults in their life work together as part of a team.  As parents, you are part of a two-way process of sharing knowledge and information about your child.  We want to work closely with you, drawing on your detailed knowledge of your child.  Regular letters and newsletters are sent home to keep you involved and your views and feedback are always welcome.  Parent helpers within the setting are welcome too.