Event Dates

20th January

Nursery Open Mornings

22nd January

Redwood, Oak and Maple visit to Harry Potter World

23rd January

KS2 Choir to the O2 Young Voices

24th January

Year 5 Mini Police

27th January

Year 6 Health Survey

31st January

Year 5 Mini Police

3rd February

Applications for Nursery Places Open

Year 6 SATs Parents Information Evening

5th February

Nursery Open Morning

7th February

Year 5 Mini Police

11th February

Willow Class Assembly

12th February

Chestnut Class Assembly

13th February

Nursery Open Afternoon

14th February

Year 5 Mini Police

3rd March

Nursery Open Afternoon

11th March

Reception Assembly to Parents

13th March

Application for Nursery Places Close

25th March

Parent Consultations

26th March

Parent Consultations

31 March

Maple Class Assembly

29th April

Nursery offers via email

5th May

Hawthorn Class Assembly

11th May

Last day to accept Nursery Place

11th May – 14th May

Year 6 SATs

2nd June

Pizza Express Trip

8th June – 12th June

Redwood Enterprise Week

15th – 19th June

Year 6 Residential Trip to the Isle of Wight

24th June

Class Photos

25th June

Year 6 Surprise Trip

7th July

Oak Class Assembly

15th July

Year 6 Production to parents

16th July

Year 6 Graduation Ball

17th July

Year 6 Leavers Assembly to Parents