Event Dates

17th June

Year 5 & 6 Legal Eagles

18th June 

Year 6 Money Zone

KS1 School Games Day

19th June

Class Photos

Tag Rugby Festival – Laurel

20th June

Clean Air Day

21st June

Olympics Festival – Willow

24th June

Maple French Day

25th June

Redwood and Oak French Day

27th June

Maple – Mini Police

1st July – 5th July

Year 6 Isle of Wight

4th July

Nursery & Reception School Games Day

Maple Mini Police

8th – 12th July

Book Fair

9th July

Maple – Olympics festival

10th July

KS2 School Games Day

12th July

Summer Picnic

15th July

Year 6 Dress rehearsal

16th July

Nursery Teddy Bear’s Picnic

17th July

Year 6 Production to parents

18th July

Leavers assembly to school

Year 6 Graduation Ball

19th July 

Year 6 Leavers assembly to parents