Event Dates

11th December 2018

Oak Christmas Fire

12th December 2018

Nursery Nativity Performance

Children’s School Christmas Lunch

Birch Christmas Fire

Gardening .Club Christmas session 3.15pm

13th December 2018

KS1 Christmas Performance 2.15pm & 6.15pm

Chestnut Christmas Fire

Willow Christmas Fire

14th December 2018

Friends of Aycliffe Drive, Parent Presents

 17th December 2018

Reception Christmas party 1pm

Maple Christmas Fire

18th December 2018

Nursery Christmas Fire

19th December 2018

Reception Christmas Fire

Laurel Christmas Fire

Willow’s Ukulele Open Afternoon 2pm – 2.45pm

Christmas Carol Concert 6pm

20th December 2018

Sycamore Christmas Fire

Redwood Christmas Fire

21st December

Last Day of Term, School Closes at 2pm

Cake Sale 2pm

8th January 2019

Children back to school