Event Dates

7th March 

World Book Day

11th -15th March

Waste Week

12th March

Nursery Open Afternoon 13.30 – 14.45

15th March

Red Nose Day – Break the Rules Day


13th – 16th May


20th – 24th May

Walk to School Week

22nd May

Year 6 Special Day out

20th -24th May

KS1 tests (SATS)

3rd June

Year 6 Money Zone

4th June

Year 6 Money Zone

10th – 14th June

Phonics Screening week

Redwood Enterprise Week

10th June

Year 6 Money Zone

12th June

Year 6 Rocket to the Future

17th June

Year 5 & 6 Legal Eagles

18th June 

Year 6 Money Zone

19th June

Class Photos

20th June

Clean Air Day

1st July – 5th July

Year 6 Isle of Wight