Information for Parents

We endeavour to include as much useful information on this website as possible, but you may also wish to look at the School Brochure. In addition to news and classroom posts in the blog section of this site we have included pages on the following subjects:

Ofsted School Data Dashboard – This site provides data from the most recent statutory assessments (SATs) and can be used to compare Aycliffe Drive with other schools in the area.

Aycliffe Drive School Vision

Attendance Information


Equality Statement

Financial Information for Parents


Growth Mindset

Promoting British Values

School Lunches


Snow Procedures

The Buddy System

Lunch time Leadership Roles

Please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s teacher or classroom assistant if you have any concerns, however small.  It is generally more convenient for staff to speak at length after school but very urgent problems and messages will of course be dealt with immediately.  If your child has special educational needs he/she will have an Individual Educational Plan. Parents and children will be given the opportunity to discuss these plans with staff each term.  Miss Fitzsimmons and Mrs Major, our Special Needs Co-coordinators, are happy to arrange to meet with parents who have questions concerning the special educational needs of their child.