On Wednesday 1 November we had our first Science Day of the year at Aycliffe Drive. The activity was based on the question: ‘Do people with the longest finger flick the furthest?’ Children were given some time to think about the different stages of their exploration before jumping into the activity which included

  • How to organise the exploration? E.g. which finger? Where to do it? What to flick?
  • What are the controlled variables?
  • What is the independent variable?
  • What and how will be measured? Standard or non-standard units
  • What equipment is needed to take measurements?
  • Do measurements need to be repeated and an average calculated?
  • How to record data? (charts, drawings, photographs or tables etc)
  • How to present a conclusion based on the evidence?

The following day we had a whole school assembly where each class showed their investigations. The children thoroughly enjoyed this day and we are looking forward to the next one!



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