Science investigation: Germs

Today we found about germs. We discussed good germs and bad germs and how bad germs make us feel. We looked at ways germs spread and the best way to stop them from spreading.

We carried out an investigation using baby oil and glitter.

We covered our hands in baby oil, this made them sticky and then we sprinkled glitter on them, the glitter represented germs.

Half the class washed their hands with warm water and the other half used warm water and soap. We compared the difference.

We noticed that the children that only used warm water still had some glitter (germs) on their hands but the children that used soap and water had no glitter left on their hands.

We looked around the classroom and toilets and noticed that there was lots of glitter on the surfaces. We understood that this meant the germs had spread around the classroom.

Our conclusion was to always use soap to wash your hands properly.