Today a very special visitor came to see the children at Nursery! Dandelion the Wish Fairy from the Imajica Theatre Company kindly took time out from her busy wish-granting schedule to pay us a visit.

Dandelion told us all about life as a fairy and how she and her friends worked hard at Fairy School to pass their exams.

We sent some special magic to her friend Raspberry to help with her exams, we gave her the confidence to pass them without needing magic!


Dandelion read us a story and we joined in with the actions and animal sounds. Then we all had a snack together and played outside.

Dandelion reminded the children that everyone has magic inside them if they know how to find it- every time you make a wish on a star, or blow out your birthday candles!

Thank you for coming to see us Dandelion, we had a lovely morning! The children will be making a wishing tree in the next few weeks, hopefully Dandelion will be able to grant some of them for us, with the help of her fairy friends!