In Nursery our topic is “People Who Help Us” and today some Fire Fighters from Hemel Fire Station came to visit the children.

Emma told us all about how the Fire and Rescue Service help people, putting out fires, assisting with traffic accidents and even helping animals, recently a rhino at the zoo got his head stuck in a tractor tyre and had to be rescued!

Then we got to have a look around the Fire Engine and see all of the amazing equipment the Fire Fighters use to help us. They even have oxygen masks for pets if they are caught in a fire! John demonstrated how the Jaws of Life work, like giant scissors that can cut the tops off cars!

As if the morning couldn’t get any better, we were then allowed to squirt the hose for ourselves. We had a brilliant time and learnt lots too, about what the amazing men and women in the Fire Service do to help us every day.

As the Fire Fighters left they put their lights and sirens on, just to check everyone in the school was awake! What a lovely day with some great memories for the children.