This week Hawthorn class have been transported back to the Stone Age. On Monday disaster struck. The tribe’s village and farms were struck by an earthquake.

First, the tribe had to decide if they wanted to remain as farmers, or revert to the hunter gatherer life. The afternoon was spent debating the pros and cons of each Stone Age lifestyle.


On Tuesday the tribe, having voted to revert to hunter gatherers, started to plan their encampment. They designed 3D models and started looking at salvaging their language. During the day, they received a mysterious message from another tribe, the Stone Age people of Birchwood. They too had decided to become hunter gatherers. That day Hawthorn tribe write back, discussing how they could coexist on the island.

By Thursday the tribe was becoming established and had decided to leave their mark for future generations. They created cave art, working in the dark of their [table] caves. Work started in earnest on the tribes shelters with gathered sticks and animal leathers making portable homes.






With The Elder stranded on the mainland, the tribe had to decide on its new leader. Tribes-members nominated themselves and from a shortlist selected by The Elder.

Across the week, the tribes-children produced a booklet explaining everything they learned across their experience.