In Science we have been investigating how plants drink and we are looking at the question can we make white daisies/celery multi-coloured?

We done an experiment using equipment e.g. celery with leaves, white daises, red and blue food colouring, glasses and water. The children filled the glasses half way with water and added red food colouring to half of them and the other half with blue. We cut the ends of the celery and daisies before placing them in the glasses. We then marked each glass with a marker to show the level of water.

This is still an on-going investigation, however you can already see in some of the photos below that the celery and daisies are turning the colour of the food colouring that was mixed in with the water!  This has happened because the coloured water from the glasses have moved up through the thin tubes in the plants (you can see these in the celery). The water is transported around the petals of the daisies and the leaves of the celery.

20180611-113227.jpg20180611-113124.jpg20180611-113102.jpg 20180611-113109.jpg20180611-113114.jpg20180611-113119.jpg