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Healthy teeth and eating.

In 4 Willow, our science topic is healthy teeth and eating. We have set up an experiment today with six liquids to see which one is bad for our teeth. The liquids we used are milk, water, fresh orange juice, blackcurrant juice, vinegar and coke. Six same size eggs were put in each container to […]

Dinosaur footprints investigation

In 4Willow, we were given a science investigation involving dinosaur footprints. We were given life sized footprints of four dinosaurs, T Rex, Allosaurus, Velociraptor and Compsognathus. Our task was to find out how tall each dinosaur was, using the footprint to help, how long their legs were and how quick their relative speed was. We […]

Sycamore Sunflower Planting

Today in Forest School, Sycamore class helped to plant sunflower seeds. This is part of our plants topic in Science. We will be watering our seeds and seeing how they grow each week. We will be recording what we observe in our plant diaries.

Chocolate science with 4 Willow..

In our Science lesson today, we wanted to find out the temperature that melts chocolate. We had three bowls of water, one at 5 degrees, one at 30 degrees, the last at 40 degrees. We checked our temperature throughout with a digital thermometer. One piece of chocolate was put on a saucer before being placed […]

4 Willow science experiment.

In 4 Willow, we wanted to see what would happen to mento peppermints when put into coke. We began with four mints, then six and lastly eight.

Raisins in Science

Science in 4 Willow The children were investigating what would happen to the mass of lemonade as the gas bubbles escape. They had to observe what happens when they drop raisins into a cup or bottle of lemonade.

Maple Science Day

In class we investigated which biscuits lasted the longest when dunked in a liquid. We presented our work in a poster format.

4 Willow science day results

The results are in, with the chocolate digestive the winner, coming in first place in three of our five test groups. Mr Black looked very pleased with the result……….

Science day .

Today in our science lesson, our investigation question was “Which biscuit should Mr Black dunk?” We tested a total of nine different biscuits. We made the test fair by using the same amount of water, and temperature,in the same size cup, dunking the same biscuit at the same time. The biscuits were timed to 8 […]

Science Day 3 – 26/03/18

Science Day 3! Monday 26 March 2018 The focus of this Science Day was Earth and Space. During the morning, throughout the whole school, children were asked to think of in-depth questions relating to Earth and Space. They then would have to research to see if their questions had answers – many of them did not! […]