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Rock Walk

Our current science topic is rocks. Our class went on a walk around the school grounds to try and find rocks. The children enjoyed searching for rocks and studied their appearance and properties, attempting to identify the different types. We talked about whether our finds were a human or physical feature.

Redwood’s Science Investigation

We planned, conducted and took repeated observations during our investigation into what conditions mould as a type of fungi grows best on food like bread.

Which material absorbs the sound?

In 4 Willow, we have been studying sound in Science. In our experiment we used cling film, a tea towel, bubble wrap, tin foil and a newspaper. We made the test fair by making everything the size of the tea towel, wrapping them all in the I pad with a timer that sounded a bell […]

Our school-made telephones by 4 Willow.

In our Science, for our sound test, we were tasked with making our own string telephones and holding a conversation with our partners. We made predictions for each change to the string, whether it was pinching the string or joining a new line, ‘a party line’. We also tried different lengths of string to see […]

Experimenting with pitch of sound

Using homemade instruments, the children investigated how to change the pitch of sound coming from their instrument. They thought of different ways of playing them by using a gentle or hard force. They then clapped out a rhythm and in groups, performed a short piece of music to Mr Channa, our Science leader.

Science leader visit.

Mr Channa, the schools Science leader, came in to look at all the wonderful ‘instruments’ made by 4 Willow.

4 Willows homework – Thank you

4 Willows homework was to make a musical instrument, that you beat, shook or plucked. Thank you to all parents and helpers for all our lovely instruments. We look forward to hearing their ‘sounds’.

Sound of Science in 4 Willow

We have started a new topic in our Science called Sound. We have, so far, walked around the school ,inside and out, listening to sounds made in the classroom like talking, laughing and cars and birds singing outside. We have also tested the beat on a drum, using rice, to show how beating it lightly, […]

Up date 4 Willow science

The children in 4 Willow have emptied their ‘colon’ today, the final part of their experiment.

Our next science experiment by 4 Willow.

Further to our healthy teeth and eating , we have moved on to the digestive system. To show how our intestines and colon work, we crushed up cream crackers in orange juice and water. We then put this ‘mixture’ in a pair of tights representing our colon. We will see what happens……..