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Insulators and conductors

Hawthorn have been continuing their investigations into electricity. Today they have devised an experiment to test which materials are conductors and which are insulators.     


Today, Hawthorn have been learning about electricity. We have modelled how electricity flows using tennis balls as electrons. We discovered that a circuit never runs out of electrons, but if we have a gap, electrons can’t be passed on. We used this to create a switch out of paper clips and split pins, allowing us […]

Science Day – 8 February 2018

We had our second Science Day on Thursday 8 February and our focus question was ‘Do people with the biggest hands grab the most sweets?’ All classes were given sweets for the children, paper plates and large paper to record their findings.  The children needed to think about the different stages of their exploration before jumping […]

Soil investigations

Moving on from the rocks, Hawthorn have been looking at soil. They have made close observations to see what they think soil is made of and have carried a second investigation out to see which soils around the school have the best drainage (soil permeability).                              

Rock sorting

This afternoon, 4 Hawthorn have been thinking about different ways we could classify rocks. We have learnt about igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, but today we tried to think about other ways organising and classifying rocks.

Science Day – Wednesday 1 November 2017

On Wednesday 1 November we had our first Science Day of the year at Aycliffe Drive. The activity was based on the question: ‘Do people with the longest finger flick the furthest?’ Children were given some time to think about the different stages of their exploration before jumping into the activity which included How to […]