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Hawthorn Science Week

Last week, Hawthorn took part in the school’s experiments into the absorbency of nappies. The children planned their won investigations, setting on three different methods, but coming up with very similar results. We discovered that Papers was the most absorbent of the bands we tested, with Tesco a far way in second and both Aldi […]

Sedimentary rock in a cup

To learn more about rocks and soil, the children put different cereals in a cup to represent layers. Bran flakes represented silt, Rice Krispies, sand and Coco Pops, foliage and leaves. Marshmallows, Swizzle sweets and Love Hearts were used to represent different fossils. We poured butter in one cup to see if any changes occurred […]

Senses walk

For our science this week, we have been learning about our 5 senses. We went on a senses walk around school to describe what we could see, touch, smell and hear. We had lots of fun!

The Basic Needs

During our last science lesson, we discovered what animals, including humans need to survive. We had a lot of ideas but finally we all agreed that air, water and food are the basic needs. We also came to the conclusion that animals in their natural habitat have everything to live but when we have our […]

Senses Walk

This afternoon in Birch class we went on a senses walk around the school. We were looking for things that we could see, hear, smell, taste and touch. We also described the senses using adjectives. After our walk we recorded what we found out.

Observing the effects of volts

We investigated what different volts would power in electrical circuits we created. We predicted before recording our findings.

Experimenting with light in Oak.

This term we have been learning about light and how it travels. We made periscopes and used them to look over a cupboard. We used mirrors to see how light reflects in straight lines. We checked the angles of the incidence and reflective ray.

Making sedimentary rock in Willow

We are studying rocks and soils in Science so we have used cereal to represent layers Rice Krispies to represent sand with bran and coco pops to represent foliage, leaves etc. Finally fizzy sweets were used to represent fossils. Two random cups had melted butter added-to them to see if any difference was made.

Planting seeds for our next topic

Today we started to look at our next Science topic.  We will be looking at plants, we started to get ready for our topic by planting some seeds so that we will be able to look at plants in more detail later on in the year.  Today we planted two types of sunflowers, one will […]

Science – Electricity

During their lessons the children have been learning to recognise the symbols, draw and build an electric circuit using different components. They were then asked to investigate if a bulb remained as bright if the electric circuit was made larger by adding more components. The results were then recorded.