Reception Category

Buddy Groups

On Wednesday afternoon the children did some Easter activities in the afternoon in their buddy groups. We all had an Easter egg hunt and then designed our own Easter eggs in our groups. The children worked really hard and had a lot of fun!                      

Mother’s Day Breakfast

The children in Reception drew a picture of their mum, chose the correct colours to paint them and made them into placemats. They made a card to say why they loved their mum and took part in serving a special breakfast for mother’s day.    

Chinese New Year

Reception class have been learning about Chinese New Year.             The children chopped mushrooms, baby corn, peppers and spring onions for a Chinese stir fry then Mrs Long added noodles, beansprouts, soy sauce and cooked it.     


The children in Reception class have enjoyed exploring the new ‘Winter’ role play area.     They have been dressing up in winter clothes and completing challenges including measuring each other against a life size penguin and sorting animals from hot and cold countries. The children have also been using their imaginations playing at the […]

Christmas Time

The children in Reception have been busy preparing for Christmas and the New Year. They have sewn and decorated stockings and used a range of different materials to create their snowman christmas cards. The children have been learning to use the Ipads. They used a programme called ‘neukidsdraw’ to draw their faces and we then […]

Santa’s Workshop

The children in Reception have enjoyed working in Santa’s Workshop completing different activities and challenges. They have role played being Elves and Santa, delivering presents in Santa’s Sleigh.      


The children in Reception used the programme ‘colour magic’ to create firework pictures on the iPad.           

Bears in the Forest Display

The children in Reception class looked at pictures of bears and painted their own using brown and black paint. They learnt how to hold the paint brush correctly.    

Three Bears’ Cottage

Reception children have been enjoying playing and acting out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in the Three Bears’ Cottage role play.