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Aliens have landed

Aliens left a letter for us in Reception, so we designed our own aliens and described them. We cut and prepared food that we thought aliens would like to eat and then we enjoyed a special Alien tea!

A Taste of India

Our assembly on Friday was a brilliant insight to the Country of India. The presentation gave us views of their culture, buildings and family celebrations. Some lucky classes received some tasty treats to try and all the children received a sweet. Many thanks to the Odedaras.

Space Role Play

The Reception children have been enjoying exploring and playing in our space role play.

Easter activities 

Parents joined the Reception children for a hot cross bun and Easter activities.

Mother’s Day Breakfast 

Reception children enjoyed preparing and serving their grown up at the Mother’s Day Breakfast.

Shrove Tuesday 

The children in Reception learnt about Shrove Tuesday. We mixed the ingredients together to make a batter. Mrs long cooked the batter to make pancakes, we tasted the pancakes with different toppings.

Mystery reader 

Logan’s dad came into Reception today starting our first of many Mystery readers. 

Chinese New Year 

Reception children have been learning about Chinese New Year. We chopped vegetables for a Chinese stir fry, Mrs Long cooked it and we all tasted it, yummy! The children all made Chinese dragons which are displayed in our class room. In English we found out which Chinese year we were born in and wrote it […]

Percy the Park Keeper Role Play 

Reception children have been enjoying playing in the Role Play and reading stories about Percy the park keeper by the author Nick Butterworth. We drew and labelled the fox from ‘One Warm Fox’ and then we wrote a sentence.

Feeding birds in winter

Birds in winter need extra food to help keep them warm on cold winter days. We all made bird feeders to hang outside. The children mixed lard, bird seed, dried fruits and cheese.