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Shrove Tuesday

Reception children mixed the ingredients to make a batter. Mrs Chinn cooked the pancakes, we all had a turn at flipping a pancake. We then tasted different flavours then chose our favourite topping to enjoy.

Exploring and investigating ice.

Reception children have been exploring and investigating ice. They made predictions of what would happen to the ice when left in various places. They explored the ice at the tuff spot and describe how it felt and what was happening to it.

Wanted Gruffalo

The children in reception described what the Gruffalo looked like, we used our phonic knowledge to match our spoken sounds independently or with help. Have you seen the Gruffalo?.

The Gruffalo

The Reception children have been enjoying exploring and and playing in our Gruffalo role play.

Reception Christmas Activity morning.

Thank you to all that came and joined us for our Christmas activity morning we hope you all enjoyed it. Christmas tree biscuit decorating. Christmas cards Decorating baubles Letters to Santa Christmas playdough shapes Christmas decorations

Santa’s workshop

The children in reception have enjoyed working in Santa’s Workshopcompleting different activities and challenges. They have role played being Elves and Santa, delivering presents in Santa’s sleigh.


The children in reception have been learning about Diwali, they made Diva pots and coloured Rangoli patterns. Special visitors come in and told us about the celebration. They shared some lovely food and even showed us how to do Rangoli patterns.

Clay hedgehogs

Reception children have been learning about hibernation, We made hedgehogs using clay and sticks.

Reception pirate day

  Reception pirate day has been a great success , all the children have completed all the activities including, scrubbing the deck, treasure hunting for the captains gold, decorating their own pirate cake, a pirate theme obstacle course, they even walked the plank joined by Mr Merril. In the afternoon the children enjoyed our pirate […]

Reception pirate homework

Reception children brought in their homework , we have displayed them around our classroom showing off all their lovely work including Pirate ship models and pictures, pirates and treasure maps.