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Here are some photos of us having lots of fun learning in our ‘Winter role-play area’. We have learnt some facts about Polar Bears and that they live in the Artic and Penguins in the Antarctica.  

Santa’s workshop

We have been having lots of fun in our exciting new role-play area. We have been dressing up, making toys, repeating patterns, writing cards, reading stories and looking at our numbers to twenty.    

Curiosity Box

In Reception we have been exploring our new ‘Autumn’ themed Curiosity Box.          

Reception – All About Me

In Reception we have been looking at ourselves in the mirror and talking about what we see. We then used a range of materials to create our faces for our display.  

Autumn in Reception

In Reception we have been learning about Autumn and the changing seasons. The children have loved talking about how the leaves change colour and investigating the conkers, pine cones and leaves that we have set up in the classroom. We’ve been having fun practicing our harvest songs, the harvest samba and the seasons song. Reception […]

Music – Take One Tune

‘Carnival of the Animals’ by Saint – Saens We listened to the music and painted pictures to go with the animals.                                                We made fish and tortoises using tissue paper.       […]


We have planted runner bean and cress seeds. We have learnt what a seed needs to ‘germinate’ and are enjoying watching these grow.  

Mother’s Day Breakfast

Due to COVID throughout the past couple of years, the Reception team have not been able to do their usual Mother’s Day Breakfast for parents, however, today they were able to invite parents in and create a beautiful morning for the children and parents! The children collected toast for their parents to enjoy while the […]

Pancake Day

Today we celebrated Shrove Tuesday, which is also called Pancake Day. We learnt how to make the pancakes using flour, eggs and milk. We whisked up the ingredients and watched Mrs Chinn cook them in a frying pan. Then we tossed them in the air. It was great fun! We tasted them with different toppings […]


Our new topic is Winter. We having been learning facts about cold weather animals and completed an individual piece of work on this and its been displayed in our role-play area. We used black paper, white card, glue and paint to create snowmen and igloos. We investigated blocks of ice and discussed what made it […]