Forest School Category

Hawthorn Fire

We have a fun afternoon after school toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate while singing Christmas songs.

Berkhamsted Castle… in miniature..

Last week 4Hawthorn turned their hand to early medieval castle building. Their team work was great, as are their models.                 

Natural art

3 Laurel took their artistic abilities into the woods today to create 2d pictures in groups, using materials they found on the forest floor. Can you spot the fox, a grave stone, a poppy, a car, a face, a car and an octopus?         


We are learning about fair tests. We are investigating and comparing shadows that opaque, translucent and transparent objects form. We had to predict what might happen.     

Outdoor Learning

We have started our Light and Shadows topic, finding out about what causes a shadow, what a light sauce and a reflector is. Miss Irving showed us how the sun and the moon work and we had fun trying to escape our own shadow and make interesting ones.