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Maple – Forest school

In forest school we looked at how the Vikings (our history topic ) lived on the land. The children had chance to have a go at braiding using wool, cooking (on an open fire from the vegetables they would of grown),wattling, digging for artefacts, building the outline of a longship (from branches off our own […]


We are learning to identify trees, in winter we can use their bark, the shape of the tree and their buds.  The Ash tree has black buds and the branches look they smile as the ends point upwards.  The Oak has brown buds with lots of buds at the end of the twig.  The Sycamore […]

Our Christmas Fire.

Despite the weather doing its best to work against us, we managed to go to the forest for our hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows. We sang a couple of Christmas songs, before returning to the warmth of our classroom.


We are looking at different materials. We retold the story of the three little pigs who made their houses out of different materials. We then made houses for our little pigs.  Straw proved very hard to build with.   A house of sticks A house of bricks

Sinking and floating

This morning we predicted items that would float or sink. We then found then items in the woods and tested our predictions.   We collected some very pretty Autumn leaves and turned them into crowns.  


We used directional language to move around the playing field,  north, south, east and west and left and right. In smaller groups, we used directional language to move around the school, plotting the grid references on our maps and marking where we had been.

Fun in the woods

Making tree spirits and woodland animals using clay.

Identifying trees

We are learning to identify trees by their leaves. We can find the leaves that match the trees on our playground. We tried using size but it does not always help us   This our newly planted oak tree and it is a lot smaller than the other oak trees but e found that the […]

Signs of autumn

Today in forest school we recorded the weather and discussed which season it is. We walked around the school grounds looking for seasonal changes. Acorns on the oak trees Blackberry and sloes We ended the session with shelter building, playing in the mud kitchen, fairy picnics and wand making.    We had a visitor to […]

The woodland habitat

We have been investigating our woodland and who lives there. The children went on a bug hunt and we found some interesting creatures. We found a beautiful female Stag beetle. We carefully returned our creatures back to their habitats.