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Soil investigations

Moving on from the rocks, Hawthorn have been looking at soil. They have made close observations to see what they think soil is made of and have carried a second investigation out to see which soils around the school have the best drainage (soil permeability).                              

Redwood Viking/Anglo-Saxon day in Forest School

Redwood had a great time in forest school completing various activities. We made a full sized longship outline using branches, honey glazed root vegetables (using a Viking recipe), an Anglo-Saxon house, bows and arrows and found artefacts.

Classifying birds

In key stage 1 we are learning to classify birds into new groups. We have a wide variety of birds that visit our woods. It is important that our birds can find a safe warm place to sleep. To keep warm we feed the birds with a variety of foods. We all made bird feeders […]

Forest School with 4 Willow.

We have had a great time at Forest School today, toasting marshmallows on the fire, eating them with chocolate biscuits and drinking hot chocolate. Yummy. We then sang Christmas Carols around the fire which was safely put out by Mrs Irving.  

Hawthorn Fire

This week Hawthorn had our Christmas fire. After lighting the fire (with a few attempts!) we decorated the forest and sang carols. We toasted marshmallows around the fire and made s’mores while drinking hot chocolate.    

The three little pigs

In KS1 Science we are learning about materials.  The three little pigs built a house of straw. A house of wood. And a house of bricks.  

Willow forest school and science.

In our science this term we are learning about sounds and how they are made and where they come from. Our first visit to forest school this term, we stood in different parts of the forest to be quiet and listen to all the sounds around us.

We’re going on a bear hunt

Though the swishy swishy grass! Through the river! Splash splosh! Though the mud! Squelch squelch! Though the forest! Stumble trip! Through the bubble storm! Hooooo wooooo! Through the cave! Tiptoe tiptoe! We want to go on a bear hunt again!


In year 2 we are looking at habitats. Today we were looking at micro habitats within our woods.  In groups we looked for different mini beasts.  We found most of them under logs and lots of Cardinal beetles on plants and logs.  There were lots of flying insects too.  The children recorded their findings in […]