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We’re going on a bear hunt

Though the swishy swishy grass! Through the river! Splash splosh! Though the mud! Squelch squelch! Though the forest! Stumble trip! Through the bubble storm! Hooooo wooooo! Through the cave! Tiptoe tiptoe! We want to go on a bear hunt again!


In year 2 we are looking at habitats. Today we were looking at micro habitats within our woods.  In groups we looked for different mini beasts.  We found most of them under logs and lots of Cardinal beetles on plants and logs.  There were lots of flying insects too.  The children recorded their findings in […]

Maya weaving by 4 Willow.

The children in 4 Willow have been out in Forest School and in class learning the technique of weaving in the style of the Ancient Maya.  .


In year 1 we are learning about plants, we planted some Ageratum, Marigolds, Snap dragons and Cosmos.  We will be watching and recording the changes in our plants over this half term.    

Stone Age workshop with 4 Willow.

4 Willow enjoyed their morning in Forest Schhol. They had fun with the drums and enjoyed looking and feeling Stone Age artefacts.  

Stone Age food 

Following on our Stone Age topic, the children ground wheat to make flour.  Using stone ground flour and water the children made and cooked flat bread on an open fire.    

Stone Age settlements 

Lower KS2 foraged for sticks within our wood and used them to make a frame of a Stone Age tippee.  They cut out material in the shape of animal skins to cover them.   

Stone Age Village

3 Laurel have been busy making their own houses out of material and wood. We have gone back in time to the Stone Age to find out what it might have been like to make shelter from the materials and tools that were available. Lots of cutting, tying and team work!               […]