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Reversible and irreversible changes

This morning in forest school Over the forest school fire, melted chocolate, ice sculptures and made popcorn.  Which of our changes were reversible and which ones were irreversible?  Can I melt chocolate reverse the change?   Then we used autumn leaves and seeds to make some outdoor art.

The Gruffalo came for tea

We had a special visitor in the woods today, the Gruffalo came for a cup of tea.  The Gruffalo had been visiting the children in Nursery.  

London’s burning

The great fire took place today in  Forest School, recreating Pudding Lane with the houses we made at home.  The fire started in the Bakery but by the time we called for help, London was burning.

Three Little Pigs

We have been learning all about different materials.  The three little pigs built three different houses out of different materials.  We all retold the story and then build our own houses for our little pigs.  

Leaf man

This is a story of a man made of leaves and his journey over the earth’s landscape and the wonderful sights he sees as well as the friends he makes.  Wow! did you know, as the plants break down the chlorophyll, the green colour disappears from their leaves.  Depending on which chemicals are found in the leaf, […]

All about autumn

Today, we looked at autumn seeds and leaves.  The leaves are starting to turn different colours in our woods.  The trees are producing many different seeds. They all look very different.  We looked at small red hawthorn berries, sloe berries, conkers and the large spikey sweet chestnut.             Some of […]

First Forest School for Nursery

Today was our first outing to Forest School, we learnt about the boundaries and started to learn the rules so we can play safely.  We looked at the pond and had fun playing in the mud kitchen.  


We used our navigational skills to navigate our way around the school grounds.  We followed instructions and a map of the school grounds to navigate from point to point, marking our control points on the map with a red dot.

Tree Identification

This week in Forest School we are learning to identify the different trees on our school grounds.  We used the different shapes of the leaves to identify the Oak , Sycamore, Lime and Ash tree on the KS1 playground.  This is the Sycamore leaf which has five fingers.

Forest School Year 6

Our year 6 children enjoyed a day in Forest School.  We started our day with a lovely walk exploring our local countryside and our stunning countryside.   We found a fallen down tree which made a perfect excuse for a bit of climbing Picnic in the field with stunning views of the countryside and we […]