Children’s Work Category

Chinese New Year

Reception class have been learning about Chinese New Year.             The children chopped mushrooms, baby corn, peppers and spring onions for a Chinese stir fry then Mrs Long added noodles, beansprouts, soy sauce and cooked it.     

Rock sorting

This afternoon, 4 Hawthorn have been thinking about different ways we could classify rocks. We have learnt about igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, but today we tried to think about other ways organising and classifying rocks.


The children in Reception class have enjoyed exploring the new ‘Winter’ role play area.     They have been dressing up in winter clothes and completing challenges including measuring each other against a life size penguin and sorting animals from hot and cold countries. The children have also been using their imaginations playing at the […]

Christmas Time

The children in Reception have been busy preparing for Christmas and the New Year. They have sewn and decorated stockings and used a range of different materials to create their snowman christmas cards. The children have been learning to use the Ipads. They used a programme called ‘neukidsdraw’ to draw their faces and we then […]


The children in Reception used the programme ‘colour magic’ to create firework pictures on the iPad.           

Biscuit Bear

For the past two weeks we have been enjoying the story ‘Biscuit Bear’ by Mini Grey for our Take One Book topic.  We have been working very hard developing our English skills including using adjectives, conjunctions and speech. But today we decided to bake our very own Biscuit Bears! We had lots of fun measuring out […]

Maths Homework

At the end of the homework we have set for this half term, I promised I would try and write up some notes to explain quite what I was talking about. All this talk of distributive law, multilink cubes and arrays doesn’t exactly slip off the tongue and some people might be wondering what I am asking […]

Harvest and Displays

We have been very busy this half term learning new topics and preparing for our harvest assembly.  In English, the children have been enjoying our class story of ‘The Ravenous Beast’ and in Forest School we have been creating lots of beautiful autumnal work using the natural materials around us.   For our Harvest assembly the […]

Space Projects

In Birch we have been working on projects at home focusing on this terms topic of Space.  The children have worked incredibly hard and have been very imaginative in the way they have presented their information on different planets.  The children were very excited to show their projects in our whole school assembly last week and they […]

Hawthorn Ukulele

This term Hawthorn have been working very hard with Mr Martin, learning to play the Ukulele. They have made excellent progress and have learned to play lots of songs in full. We thought you might like to hear them playing Price Tag, originally by Jessie J.