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Later in the year the Year 6 children will start to build robots, powered by Raspberry Pis. A small group of children have started a test run armed only with the parts and Google. The sets came with no instructions! This is their progress…              So far (s)he can move around […]

Egyptian Workshop

On Thursday 15th September, Redwood had an amazing Egyptian Workshop. We learned about Egyptian entertainment and the process of mummification.          

KS2 Sport Day

On Tuesday 14th June we held our KS2 Sports Day. All the children were all split into teams of our house colours. They then had to go round the course that had lots of stations to do different activities to try and get as many point as they could for their house. Some of the activities were things like […]

Football match vs. Maple Grove

Our football team played a match against Maple Grove School. After the match three of the teams players wrote a match report telling us what happened. Here it is: ‘Our team was Josh in goal. Paris, Cory and Tommy in defense. In midfield was Alex, Owen and Ben. Finally, I (Michael) was right wing, Ethan was […]

Music Maestro

In music, we have been exploring rounds through using instruments. These pictures show how we have been developing our skills in making new chords from each scale. We will be aiming to play tuned instruments together as a whole class in our future lessons.