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Take One Tune

Hall of the Mountain King by Peer Gynt or Morning by Edvard Grieg were used by the school to come up with their own interpretations of the music. On Friday 28th June we had a whole school assembly to share class performances. The variety of interpretations were wide, interesting and very entertaining. Many thanks to […]

Redwood and Oak Classes French Cafe is . . .

Open for business! Everyone enjoyed speaking French to meet and greet each other as well as ordering all manner of French treats from our cafe menu! Thank you to all the parents and carers who supported the children’s learning by attending.

French Day Redwood Class

We made french bread, flags, bunting as well as practising our French vocabulary in our French Day morning. We were preparing for the French cafe we would open up to parents and carers in the afternoon from 2:45pm onwards.

Legal Eagles Visit

Year 6 Redwood Class were visited today by the Legal Eagles team, a group of local magistrates, who developed the children’s knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice system by engaging case study, brainstorming and role play activities.

Year 6 Enterprise Week Fair

To culminate their Enterprise week the year 6 children hosted an Enterprise Week Fair in which they sold the products they had made using cross-curriculum skills.

Rocket to the Future

YC Herts visited Year 6 today as part of their Enterprise Week activities. The day long workshop equipped children with skills to start thinking about future opportunities, responsibilities and experiences. The children’s first decision making activity involved playing a holiday game! Where would we decide to go? The UK, France or America?

Year Six visited by Metro Bank

As part of their Enterprise week preparations, year 6 were lucky enough to be visited by Metro Bank in the first of three sessions today, they explored various aspects of banking and why they are important in contemporary life.

Positive Minds

Year 6 have been given the amazing opportunity of taking part in the Watford Football Community Sports and Education Trust’s Positive Minds Activity Program for a course of 10 weeks in the Summer Term.

Geography Local Fieldwork Study

On Thursday 4th April Redwood went to conduct a local fieldwork study in their local area to identify the aspects of physical and human geography they had been learning about. They use their plans and presented their findings in varied and interesting formats. It was both a fun and educational outing for us all!