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Imperial War Museum Duxford – Redwood

Redwood Class Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic day at the Imperial War Museum Duxford in connection to their learning on WWII and specifically the Battle of Britain. We created documentaries in the shape of short films during a brilliant ‘hands on’ workshop and then explored the various Musuem exhibits including the American Aircraft section.

Redwood WWII Foraging

Redwood Class enjoyed going foraging this week in connection to their WWII learning. We found lots of wild berries and used these to follow a WWII rationing recipe to make a delicious crumble! We used many cross-curriculum skills in these activities including following instructional texts and design and technology cooking techniques and methods. ds

WW2 London Skyline

In Art Redwood have been re-creating the London Skyline during the Blitz.  We have used our watercolour techniques for the sky showing how the sky glowed red and orange from the burning buildings.   We then created an effective skyline silhouette for the buildings and the air raid lights in the sky.   

Forest School Year 6

Our year 6 children enjoyed a day in Forest School.  We started our day with a lovely walk exploring our local countryside and our stunning countryside.   We found a fallen down tree which made a perfect excuse for a bit of climbing Picnic in the field with stunning views of the countryside and we […]

Mould Investigation

We have been investigating the conditions mould needs to grow in our science topic this term. We have learnt to practice the scientific skill of recording repeated observations accurately and using scientific vocabulary. As you can see some of our findings we were definitely placed in the right conditions for mould growth!  

Volumes of Cubes

We explored the volume of cubes and cuboids in a series of practical challenges. How do we create a cuboid with the volume of 84cm3 . . . . hummmm?

Anglo-Saxon Artefacts

We created Anglo-Saxon artefacts using our knowledge of this historical period in British history. We think we could have opened up a museum with our wonderful and accurate creations!    

Fraction Skills

Redwood Class Year 6 have been using their multiplying fraction skills to solve jigsaw puzzles. When we had moved through the different level of challenges, we had a go at creating our own puzzles for partner to solve. Who knew we were such talented jigsaw makers as well as mathematicians!

British Science Week

To mark British Science week (5-14 March) Redwood Class have been conducting fun and interesting investigations. This week we learnt how to grow our own rainbows to investigate the scientific process of capillary action.