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Knife Crime Workshop

Redwood Class Year 6 had the opportunity to participate in a externally delivered expert workshop on Knife Crime linked to the PSHE learning on how to safe in the wider world. The children showed an admirable appreciation of the issues involved in discussing various scenarios and discovered many important new facts which will help them […]

PGL day 3 continued

Children should arrive back at school at 3pm today (24/06). If the are stuck in traffic, parents will be contacted between 2pm and 2.30pm. Day 3 continued – One of our last activities before dinner is Jacob’s Ladder. We could not believe just how far team work could take us. We all got sore necks […]

PGL – Day 3

Sports Teams Activity to start us off this morning – then off to our individual activities which include a challenge course. Go low, go low, how low can you go? We enjoyed the low row and trapeze activity hugely Another group testing their circus skills in the trapeze activity! Finding out we were all born […]

PGL – Day 2

Rifling Using great team skills to navigate the sensory trail – with blindfolds and goggles we relied on each other with one sense down .Definitely developing our sense of fun and humour on this sensory trail! Wish you were all here to witness this! Reaching new heights on the climbing wall

PGL – Day 1

After a very exciting first night in our dorms – sorry parents we did not get our full eight hours this first night!- we had a lovely breakfast before beginning our first activity of the day – wacky races! Getting our briefing for our orienteering activity – how many of us will remember which way […]

Redwood Firefighter Visit

Redwood Class Year 6 were very lucky today to have a visit by the local firefighters, in connection to their PSHE learning about staying stay in all types of fire hazzards. They enjoyed learning from experts, taking a tour of the fire engine and having a go on the fire hose!

UKS2 Viking History Workshop

Upper Key Stage Two had the wonderful opportunity of taking part in a day long Viking History activity workshop delivered by external expert providers ‘History Off the Page’ – the children had enormous fun doing (amongst other activities) practising their archery skills, making Thor inspired metal work, using Viking medicinal remedies, creating their names in […]

Newton’s theory of light and colour

Redwood Class worked in small groups today to perform a shadow puppet show about the dispute between Isaac Newton and Robert Hooke over Newton’s theory of light and colour. It was a wonderful way of ending our unit on Light and showcased many of the key learning points we had focussed on.


Redwood Class making Periscopes to investigate how light travels.

Harry Potter Studios – Redwood

Redwood Class Year 6 had a fabulous time at the Harry Potter World in connection to their English learning using the Harry Potter texts as examples of classic modern fantasy fiction. We had a workshop which developed our writing skills in this genre and took part in a tailored tour. All the children were not […]