6 Redwood Category

Shadow Puppet Show

In Redwood Class Year 6 we used our understanding of how shadows are formed and how they can be made smaller or larger depending on their distance from a light source to create a shadow puppet show in which Isaac Newton and his peers are the main characters debating his revolutionary ideas about light.

Maths Treasure Hunt Activity

We applied our multiplication and division skills to solve problems which we had to locate around our classroom using clues provided by Mrs Halai. It was a great fun way to use and apply our maths skills.

Earthily Layers by Redwood

We created models of the earth showing its layers to help us lay a foundation for our unit which looks at challenging changes it can undergo like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.

Periscope Perfection

Year 6 Redwood Class investigated how the reflection of light works by creating their own periscopes.

Redwood Class’s Volcanoes

We developed our understanding of volcanoes by creating some of our own using everyday household items. It helped us visualise what causes them, how they occur and what they might look like.

Year 5+6 cross country

Well done to all the children in Oak and Redwood for taking part in a key stage 2 cross country competition on Friday 11th October. The children ran over 1km and many reached 2km. We had many children in the top 25%. All children represented the school perfectly and we were very proud of their […]

Redwood Class Art Gallery

David Hockey inspired our Computing Unit’s work on IPad art and we hosted an Art gallery in our classroom to exhibit our work to our parent and carers.