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Beach Adventure

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside,oh we do like to be beside the sea!

Initiative Challenge

After an amazing pool party we enjoyed an initiative activity task which involved finding a solution to a whole host of puzzles and problems. Many required us to make predictions and improvements as as went along. We used a range of mental problem solving strategies well here – see I told you the maths SATs […]

Wednesday Morning . . .

Dawn in the Isle of Wight and we are all up and awake. The children slept much better yesterday as the first night nerves and excitement waned. It might also have been due to the fact they were exhausted after their activity filled day- just the way we like it ! After breakfast today we […]

American dinner…u

Was the theme of the meals today and the children enjoyed tucking into some old favourites for dinner ( as healthy as possible hotdogs, burgers, chips and donuts for dessert). The adults are starting to worry about their waistlines😄😄 The children have enjoyed their afternoon activities and after a brief period of downtime in their […]

Obstacle Challenge

We conquered a range of tricky apparatus by encouraging each other and discovering skills we never even knew we had!

En Garde

We battled it out in pairs as we practised our fencing skills

Orienteering Challenge

We spent the rest of our morning using our navigational skills to read and decipher maps to find and recover treasure hidden all over the Kingswood site. It tested our sense of direction, that’s for sure. Year 6 were a picture when the activity leader broke the news that no GPS signals were to be […]


We have now discovered is all about being blindfolded whilst completing an assault course! All we had to help us was each other and some clear communication skills! Excellent teamwork skills Year 6!

Woken up . . .

From our first night here at the Isle of Wight and all is well. We are looking forward to our buffet breakfast to recharge our energy and set us up for the day. Our first activity is Nightline (what exactly this encrypted entitled activity entailed all the children had a go at predicting -some definitely […]

Off to enjoy

Our first dinner here after a great session at the balancing beams. Then we will be competing in our own mini Olympics! Who will be going for gold we wonder?