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Oak Christmas fire

The children all had their Christmas fire today where they toasted marshmallows and made them into s’mores. While they were doing that they sang Christmas carols, then they finished with a huge game of hide and seek. The children all enjoyed themselves.

5 Oak and 4 Willow swimming.

Here are a few photos of our children in the swimming pool at Astley Cooper school today. One young lady in 4 Willow has worked very hard and although she couldn’t swim last week, has swum today without a float. Well done to everyone

Year 5+6 cross country

Well done to all the children in Oak and Redwood for taking part in a key stage 2 cross country competition on Friday 11th October. The children ran over 1km and many reached 2km. We had many children in the top 25%. All children represented the school perfectly and we were very proud of their […]

Foraging for Blackberrys

Our topic in Oak Is WWII. We have been talking about how food was rationed and how people had to make do with what they had and how they grew a lot of their own. We went foraging in the Forrest for blackberries and decided to make a Crumble. It was safe to say that […]

Departures and Arrivals

Our coach will be leaving at 12:30pm and we hope to be at school at the time specified on the letter for the children to be collected. Please be there to wave us in – the children can’t wait to see you all again. All of you have been missed. However, please can we also […]

Buggy Building

For this activity not only did we build buggies but we raced our creations against each other once completed. Everyone was a winner in the end 😊

Farewell Kingswood

Our final morning in the Isle of Wight is in full swing and we will be trying our hand at archery and buggy building. In archery we discovered which of us was more merry men then Robin Hood material! 😊

3G Swing

The children certainly felt the G-force in this activity!


A game that resembled volley ball but whilst trampolining -a jumping lot of fun was had by everyone!😄