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Year 6 Refreshment stall.

The year 6 children have been selling refreshments during parents evening to raise money for an end of SATs day out. They have worked out their own pricing in order to make some profit and are really looking forward to a great day out in June.

Celebrating 6 Oak’s writing

The children had to write a letter to persuade their family members to come in and listen to their work after working incredibly hard over the last six weeks. The children read extracts of their work to the audience and shared their learning journey and end report. Thank you to all family members for attending […]

Mythical creatures

6 Oak have been working hard throughout the unit to write with cohesion, parenthesis, use adverbs, subordinate clauses and use powerful language. Here are a few examples of class work.      

Mythical Creatures

In 6 Oak the class have been working on writing their own poems, diary entries and warnings based around Arthur Spiderwick’s Fantastical Guide to the World Around You. We have been learning about boggarts, cockatrices and trolls; the children have been getting in role and have thought about what mischief they could cause in the […]


In Oak we have been using our known facts to help us work out other multiplication facts including missing numbers and decimals. We used a place value chart to help start us off.