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Mythical creatures

6 Oak have been working hard throughout the unit to write with cohesion, parenthesis, use adverbs, subordinate clauses and use powerful language. Here are a few examples of class work.      

Mythical Creatures

In 6 Oak the class have been working on writing their own poems, diary entries and warnings based around Arthur Spiderwick’s Fantastical Guide to the World Around You. We have been learning about boggarts, cockatrices and trolls; the children have been getting in role and have thought about what mischief they could cause in the […]


In Oak we have been using our known facts to help us work out other multiplication facts including missing numbers and decimals. We used a place value chart to help start us off.  

Geography Presentations

We heard all about different countries, both allied and axis, and learnt about where they are in the world; what continent they are in and what features had changed before and after the war.      

Some clips of our week

In Oak we have had a busy week! We have researched what a Blitz skyline looks like and used different media to test what one we prefer, ordered fractions by finding common denominators and used our reasoning skills, used concrete resources to add and subtract fractions, worked on modal verbs, the passive voice and acted […]

Maths games

To get our minds warmed up in Oak, we played an addition card game which helped us with our mental skills.      

Across the Fields

Across the Fields, sung by key stage 2 in our singing lessons. The second half is sung as a round.

Granddad Barry!

Last week Oak had a special visitor. Granddad Barry spoke to us about World War 2. We had an opportunity to hold artefacts such as gas masks and medals. We learnt about what would happen in an air raid and we heard what an air raid siren would sound like. We also looked at posters […]

Tag Rugby

We have started practicing our tag-rugby skills! We learnt how to hold the ball and how to tag the opposition.


As part of our World War 2 topic in Oak, we have been foraging for fruit and using what we have found to make a crumble. We learnt how people needed to supplement their rations.