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Maths games

To get our minds warmed up in Oak, we played an addition card game which helped us with our mental skills.      

Across the Fields

Across the Fields, sung by key stage 2 in our singing lessons. The second half is sung as a round.

Granddad Barry!

Last week Oak had a special visitor. Granddad Barry spoke to us about World War 2. We had an opportunity to hold artefacts such as gas masks and medals. We learnt about what would happen in an air raid and we heard what an air raid siren would sound like. We also looked at posters […]

Tag Rugby

We have started practicing our tag-rugby skills! We learnt how to hold the ball and how to tag the opposition.


As part of our World War 2 topic in Oak, we have been foraging for fruit and using what we have found to make a crumble. We learnt how people needed to supplement their rations.

Magnificent Mountains!

In Oak class we have been learning about mountains. We created our own fact files about a mountain or a mountain range, then we made a model using various materials including mod roc. Here are the models we have created of Mount Kilimanjaro, The Alps, Mount Rushmore, The Himalayas, Mount Everest and The Rockies.

David Hockney inspired I-Pad Art

In Oak class we have been looking at artwork by David Hockney, who uses an I-Pad to create his amazing pictures. We have recreated our own versions of this work and thought you would like to see our work.

Bug Hotels!

As part of our science topic of ‘all living things’, for our home learning in Oak class,we made our own bug hotels and placed them in forest school to see how many bug visitors they get! We will visit every week and record any changes we notice.

Oak Class Trip to Pizza Express

On Tuesday 16th May, Oak class visited Pizza Express in town. We made our own pizzas using healthy ingredients and had a really interesting and enjoyable time.   The following week, back at school, we used our newly learnt skills to create our own recipes and made our own pizzas and rocky road!

Anglo – Saxon topic.

Our Topic this term is Anglo – Saxons, we have learned a great deal about where they settled, tools they made, their clothing and how they lived. We took part in a workshop to have a go at making some tools and artifacts and for home learning we made Anglo-Saxon villages, homes or games. Below […]