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Positive Minds

Year 6 have been given the amazing opportunity of taking part in the Watford Football Community Sports and Education Trust’s Positive Minds Activity Program for a course of 10 weeks in the Summer Term.


As a last treat, those who wanted to were allowed to jump safely in, then swim to the end. What a splash!!!!!!!!

4 Willow and 5 Oak last swimming lesson.

In our last swimming lesson this term, Christine our instructor, allowed us to play games as we have worked hard on our swimming. We had great fun, using the floats on our heads, the woggles as horses, blowing toys across the pool and getting rings from the bottom of the shallow end. Generally, having great […]

Year 5 and 6 football match vs St.Thomas Corrum

Aycliffe performed exceptionally well in last nights football match. We had a successful win of 3-2. Our team are very pleased, as they have been training very hard. All of the staff are very proud 😊 #TeamAycliffe🤣

Swimming Willow and Oak.

Another great swimming lesson with confident swimmers achieving two lengths of the pool, the rest of the group achieving a width. Well done to everyone, especially those who, four weeks ago, were not confident of taking their feet off the pool bottom!! Congratulations all.

Sycamore Book Sharing

Sycamore class were very excited to share their books this week with the children in Oak class. They have written explanation texts linked to the book, ‘Monsters An Owners Guide’ by Johnathan Emmett. The children read their guides to the Year 5/6 children and then showed them their beautiful illustrations.

Peer Reading

6 Oak took a trip to Maple class to read the first part of their stories. Maple gave some great feedback about building up the suspense more by making the reader wait for answers. Oak will now improve their work in light of the comments.

Story writing

6 Oak have been writing fabulous scary stories-starting with a descriptive beginning that builds tension and suspense. To improve our work, we have used our senses to describe our journey and used the wood to help us. We have also listened to our peers. We are hoping to read them to another class when they’re […]

Swimming update

Well done to every child today, competent swimmers and new swimmers, for trying the deep end of the pool. All the children used the bar and wall to complete a circuit of the pool going through the 2.6metres deep end. Brilliant lesson for all today.

Anglo Saxon Village Life

The Year 5 children have worked together to build an Anglo-Saxon village. They designed their models before using a variety of materials to make them. The children presented their work to the class and answered questions from their peers.