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African Dance Workshop – Maple

On Monday 3rd October, Maple participated in an African dance workshop as part of celebrating Black History month. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning and performing the dance to the beat of a djembe drum.

UKS2 Viking History Workshop

Upper Key Stage Two had the wonderful opportunity of taking part in a day long Viking History activity workshop delivered by external expert providers ‘History Off the Page’ – the children had enormous fun doing (amongst other activities) practising their archery skills, making Thor inspired metal work, using Viking medicinal remedies, creating their names in […]

Homework on Pluto

During Book Week, all the children enjoyed the workshop with the author Lou Trevleaven. Throughout this week, they completed activities based on one of her books ‘Homework on Pluto’ This led to children producing lovely work relating to a planet of their creation.  

Maple Christmas Fire

We had our Christmas Fire this afternoon. We enjoyed toasting (and eating) marshmallows and singing Christmas Carols!

“Take One” Art

This year’s picture is “Woman in a Hat and A fur Coat” by Pablo Picasso.  Each class uses a picture for inspiration for their art work.  Some of our classes created with own art work inspired by the Pablo Picasso artwork and others used his cubism style of art to inspire their own paintings. Cubism […]

Maple’s Trip to Duxford

On Wednesday 29 September, Maple visited the Duxford Imperial War Museum. During the day the children participated in workshops and made their own documentaries.  We even saw Tom Cruise flying a plane!

World War planes.

As part of their history topic in design and technology the children in Maple have researched the different planes that flew over the skies during World War Two. They designed their own version of one of them and made a model out of wood and card. They learnt new skill like using a file, clamp, […]

Year 5 visit from the police.

Over the last couple of months the local police have worked with the year fives in Maple and Oak on a variety of topics. This has included making posters to warn people of parking safely, internet safety, anti-social behaviour. The final visit for the children was from the police dogs, when the pupils saw at […]

Science – Electricity

During their lessons the children have been learning to recognise the symbols, draw and build an electric circuit using different components. They were then asked to investigate if a bulb remained as bright if the electric circuit was made larger by adding more components. The results were then recorded.

Maple – Forest school

In forest school we looked at how the Vikings (our history topic ) lived on the land. The children had chance to have a go at braiding using wool, cooking (on an open fire from the vegetables they would of grown),wattling, digging for artefacts, building the outline of a longship (from branches off our own […]