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Science day .

Today in our science lesson, our investigation question was “Which biscuit should Mr Black dunk?” We tested a total of nine different biscuits. We made the test fair by using the same amount of water, and temperature,in the same size cup, dunking the same biscuit at the same time. The biscuits were timed to 8 […]

Map of the school by 4 Willow.

Our topic in Geography is our local history. So we are looking at the geography and land usage around us. For this the children have produced a map of their school.

Ukulele with 4 Willow….. and parents/carers

This afternoon the children in 4 Willow performed a small concert to their parents with their ukuleles. Afterwards the parents were invited to try out the ir skills on the ukuleles. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon.

Oranges and lemons by 4 Willow.

Mrs Spary made our maths lesson very interesting today. We made orange and lemon fondants, using our maths skills to measure out the ingredients.

Forest school with 4 Willow.

We have had a great time in the forest today. We toasted marshmallows, wrapped them in chocolate biscuits and enjoyed eating them together with our hot chocolate. We decorated the woods and sang Christmas carols around the fire.

Christmas Dinner Day.

A great time was had by all on Christmas Dinner day. With a big thank you to the ladies in the kitchen for all their hard work over the year. Even the youngest member wore her festive outfit.

Spirit of Christmas.

The children thoroughly enjoyed eating the houses. Not much was left!!

Take one Picture: ‘The Spirit of Christmas’

The children have worked so hard for our ‘Take one Picture’ project and the work they have produced is fantastic. Thank you to everyone who came to have a look at our exhibition of work. If you missed it, here are some photos of everyone’s efforts.