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Tuning video

Anyone in years 3 and 4 that have a ukulele at home might want to use this video to help tune at home.  

Skip 2B Fit!

We have been competing in the ‘Skip 2B Fit’ competition. Every child in 3Laurel, 4Willow and 4Hawthorn have been taking part every week since October. You have to see how many skips you can do in 2 minutes and then each week try to beat your own score. Some children got over 200 skips! After each […]

Hemel Stags Rugby Tournament

Willow class took part in a tag rugby tournament at the Hemel Stags rugby stadium. Before the tournament we had some coaching sessions from one of the Stags coaches to learn all the rules and skills to play. We played four games of rugby. We unfortunately lost the first game 0-2. But won the other three games 2-0, 3-1 and 4-1! The […]

Setting Description

In class 4Willow the children have been learning the features needed to describe a setting. We have been studying descriptive language in War of The Worlds using the first person. The children have worked really hard using new language, similes, personification, fronted adverbial and great adjectives.  

4Willow Forest School

For our Forest School this term in 4 Willow, we are looking at soil and its makeup which we have linked to our Science. Today we conducted two short experiments using soil, vinegar and bi-carbonate of soda to determine whether the soil was alkaline, acidic or neutral.

Solving Fractions Word Problems

In Maths, we have been learning how to solve word problems involving fractions.  We worked with a talk partner to highlight the important parts of the problem and then showed our working out.  For homework we made up our own word problems to try out on our friends.

Stone Age Workshop in the Snow

As part of our History topic we took part in a Stone Age workshop in the Forest School.  We looked at examples of some of the types of tools which were used in the Stone Age, listened to stories around the camp fire and played the drums in the Round House.  It was snowing and […]