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Ukulele lessons

Willow have been enjoying ukulele lessons with Mr Eccles learning the different cords and rhythm for various songs.

Willow Pixel art

Willow have been busy using the website ‘pixel art’ creating an array of flowers.

World book week

During our busy book week we enjoyed having the Author Lou Treleaven in reading one of her books to us ‘Letter to Pluto’ and completing a worksheet designing our own planets.

Kit Kat fractions

Today Willow children enjoyed fractions using Kit Kat bars.

“Take One” Art

This year’s picture is “Woman in a Hat and A fur Coat” by Pablo Picasso.  Each class uses a picture for inspiration for their art work.  Some of our classes created with own art work inspired by the Pablo Picasso artwork and others used his cubism style of art to inspire their own paintings. Cubism […]

Spring Daffodils

Spring daffodils using coloured pencil and pen.  The results were very effective.  

Lucy steps through the wardrobe

Lucy Steps Through the Wardrobe, Lucy wanders into a magical wardrobe and finds herself in the mysterious land know as Narnia. There, she meets Mr. Tumnus the Faun, who invites her to tea in his cave and tells her all about Narnia and the wicked White Witch, who has cast spell over the land making […]

Learning the ukulele

Willow have been learning about rhythm and playing the ukulele with Mrs Osmond. . 

Setting descriptions.

In Willow, we read the authors description of the Elvenkings Gate from The Hobbit and the children had to re write it beating the author. The children then had to write in the first person describing the Red Mordor through Sams eyes. This was taken from Lord of the Rings.