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Learning the ukulele

Willow have been learning about rhythm and playing the ukulele with Mrs Osmond. . 

Setting descriptions.

In Willow, we read the authors description of the Elvenkings Gate from The Hobbit and the children had to re write it beating the author. The children then had to write in the first person describing the Red Mordor through Sams eyes. This was taken from Lord of the Rings.

Buddy groups in 4 Willow

Our four buddy groups today made stars, showing a self portrait in the middle with their favourite things on each point. On the other side, they drew their favourite person.

Making sedimentary rock in Willow

We are studying rocks and soils in Science so we have used cereal to represent layers Rice Krispies to represent sand with bran and coco pops to represent foliage, leaves etc. Finally fizzy sweets were used to represent fossils. Two random cups had melted butter added-to them to see if any difference was made.

Our last swimming lesson 4 Willow and 5 Oak.

For our last lesson Christine, our instructor, let us play games. We played ‘horse’ with a woggle, balancing a float on our heads, balancing a float with a toy on it and blowing a on across the pool. We all had great fun. Thank you Christine for all your help.

Willow and Oak swimming update.

In our swimming lesson today, we have been tested on how far we can swim, either on our own or with floats. Well done to everyone as absolutely everyone has made a great improvement.

4 Willow assembly to parents.

Thank you to all our parents and carers who attended our assembly today. Fun was had by all from one to eighty years.

Which material absorbs the sound?

In 4 Willow, we have been studying sound in Science. In our experiment we used cling film, a tea towel, bubble wrap, tin foil and a newspaper. We made the test fair by making everything the size of the tea towel, wrapping them all in the I pad with a timer that sounded a bell […]

Limericks by 4 Willow.

In English we have been looking at limericks, using the pattern AABBA for their rhymes. We composed our own limericks using this pattern, clapping out our syllables to make sure we had the pattern correct.