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Hawthorn Fire

We have a fun afternoon after school toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate while singing Christmas songs.

Berkhamsted Castle… in miniature..

Last week 4Hawthorn turned their hand to early medieval castle building. Their team work was great, as are their models.                 

A Beatwave Christmas

We have been using the iPad app Beatwave to do some composing. Having looked at a Christmas picture, discussed words and sounds we associated with it and looking at the structure of other Christmas songs, we have started composing our own. These tasters are the first four bars of our songs. V&F A&M A&R D&J […]

Creativity week – Take One Picture

For Creativity week the children have all made a class project around the picture ‘A Roman Triumph’ which is in the National Gallery. The children all worked extremely hard and each class produced something different based on what they saw and liked about the picture. We could not be prouder of all they have achieved. […]

KS2 Sport Day

On Tuesday 14th June we held our KS2 Sports Day. All the children were all split into teams of our house colours. They then had to go round the course that had lots of stations to do different activities to try and get as many point as they could for their house. Some of the activities were things like […]

Olympics Festival

Hawthorn class went to a festival at The Cavendish School to take part in an Olympics festival. There were lots of Olympic activities to take part in like, Boccia and Athletics. There were also some team games like basketball and Netball. One of the children in the Class wrote a report for the Netball tournament… ‘Our […]

Tuning video

Anyone in years 3 and 4 that have a ukulele at home might want to use this video to help tune at home.  

Skip 2B Fit!

We have been competing in the ‘Skip 2B Fit’ competition. Every child in 3Laurel, 4Willow and 4Hawthorn have been taking part every week since October. You have to see how many skips you can do in 2 minutes and then each week try to beat your own score. Some children got over 200 skips! After each […]